Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Jockster915, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Guys is a singly entitled to DA for a move from SLA to SFA on marriage.

    I have an individual who has claimed and since been told - not entitled.

    JSP 752 states that personnel can claim on a change of accommodation entitlement.

    Likewise this DIN, now cancelled, goes on about a new entitlement.


    Apparently the 752 is about to be amended to say not on first setup of home but how can you recoup monies on an amdt to be published about 6 months after the guy claimed?

    Thanx in advance.
  2. Under the old system you were never allowed to claim for first setting up of home, perhaps this fact was an oversight on the writing of the new JSP, as you say, it will be intresting to see how they can back peddle, the sad thing is this sort of thing has been done retrospectively in the past :(
  3. Isn't it funny that when an allowance is amended 9 times out of 10 it is to the detriment of the soldier?
  4. can be claimed if moved for service reasons. if a pad works out about a grand a singly about eighty quid!! on jpa should not have any drama's claiming!
  5. New 752 is now online. Chapter and verse:

    a. Undertake a mid-assignment move for Service reasons, as a result of a change of Service accommodation entitlement (other than as a result of first setting up of home), or for compassionate, welfare or medical reasons when authorised by JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC).

    Cos you dont have to pay anything to setup phones etc when you move from SLA to SFA - do you? Maybe it's because the Army provides such modern curtains nowadays! :D

  6. Alright so I am a plonker and the link I posted didn't work.

    Chuck this into your Def Intranet search box and you will find the DIN referred to above.

    DIN 2006DIN02-361

    Apologies for being a dipstick.

  7. You can claim it for a move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 training irresspective of P Stat Cat, JSP 752 Para 07.0104 refers.
  8. Happy days but I thought that fisrt setting up of home was moving in with 'er indoors?

    Having had two first moves. 1 when single in private accom - not entitled to DA. The next when married move into SFA - not entitled to DA. Obviously prior to JPA

    Why can't 752 just be written in subjective English and not be so wishy-washy or allow for misinterpratation. Campaign for Clear English etc.

    Anyway rant over my point remains how can I retrospectively be expected to remove the allowance because the 752 has been amended some time after the move.

  9. You shouldn't, leave it as it is, you went by your last order, would you go back and give singlies DA prior to the change, nope, really, leave it as it is.

    As far as JSP 752 goes, Right on Brother, it's as grey as a grey thing and severly needs to be amplified.
  10. LJS a big ROGER THAT from this callsign but can I quote you on it?

    As for 752, BPGs etc etc don't get me started.
  11. Sticking my "Rationalising" head back on again, the reason you were never allowed to claim for "First setting up of home" on marriage is because the Army is not going to pay for an expense that you would still incur as a civilian. So they are assuming that in civvy life, if to people got married, they would have to pay to set up their first home "together". With regard to the question about anyone having to pay it back, the answer should be "No" because you recieved (and spent) the money in "Good faith" having applied the regulations as they were then.

    With regard to the plain english thing, you are quiet correct, but it is so hard to cater for every circumstance. I used to work on at the Claims section at APO (Ashton) (Where? Old Git!!!) and we had to deal with exceptions and odd cases on a regular basis. At the time the ultimate decsion rested with PS10 on any issue and we would fire off cases for individuals to them. There decisions were always prefixed with a caveat stating that their decision did not change the regulations at all and only covered this specific case.... what sort of cop out was that!!
  12. Quote away, we should start a thread on amending ALL the JSP's so that they can be read and understood without ambiguity, would be a fu**ing big thread though by the time all the amendments had been quoted.
  13. Hi your post sounds remarkably familiar. Me and my hubby got dragged miles away from our family and were told we'd get da then month after month its not been in his wages. Hes been moved from sla to sfa upon our marriage and the birth of our daugher. we could not afford removals so had to take trips back home every weekend over a period of 4 months and we're still not finished which ultimately means itS probably cost us more in petrol etc than if we'd had the money for removals. I am seriously angry because it was not our choice of posting and we are in debt because of it. I think as we were promised the money we are entitled to it i dont know what to do, and also his car insurance has gone up due to the area we've been moved to (by £85 a month )can anyone help?
  14. Dippy2shoes unfortunately you don't provide enough information to determine whether you would be entitled to DA or removals at public expense.

    For example were you posted overseas? I presume from your post that you and your husband didn't cohabitate prior to your move as if this was the case you would have been entitled to DA as you would already have had your first move.

    If your husband has been posted overseas then you would have been entitled to removals at public expense as JSP 752 states:

    07.0205. Eligible Service Personnel. All Regular Service personnel and, where appropriate, their accompanying immediate families, are eligible to move and/or store their entitlement of PE at public expense when one of the following is met:

    n. They are intended (who have set a marriage date) or newlywed spouses joining the Service person at their overseas duty station.

    By the looks of what information you have provided i.e. your husband moved from SLA to SFA on marriage then you would not be entitled to DA.

    Hope this helps.

  15. When did this rule come in about, if I've read this correctly, being eligible for DA when moving from Civvy accommodation to SFA?

    When I moved from rented accom to SFA last year after marriage I was told that I would not be eligible as no posting order was involved. We had already set up our house but the money would have been very useful for things like utilities etc.

    Most importantly, can I claim retrospectively? :D