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Disturbance Allowance from private accomodation

can i claim disturbance allowance when i get posted to my new unit :?: :?: :?: :?:

i live in my own house but will be going married unaccompanied to my new unit, is there an allownace that will cover this :?: :?: :?: :?:

thanx in advance as you have not let me down yet.

No chance. i tired this one. I moved from a mess to a privately rented house.

Then had to move my stuff from my privately rented house to a 2 bed flat under SSSA and was told i couldn't claim because it was in effect moving back into a mess.

I am now getting married and moving my stuff again, this time to SSFA.

Can I claim?? NOPE. THis is the reply i got from an email I sent to the admin office:

" Firstly, your initial claim to would have inadmissible as it was for personal rather than service reasons and was not on posting (RAAC 09.032 refers).

Secondly, as you moved to SSSA accommodation you were still not eligible (RAAC 09.040 refers).

Thirdly, (under RAAC 09.005) ‘They must have previously moved your family on or after marriage or have already set up your own home as a single Service individual under the provision of RAAC para’s 09.031 to 09.036, at least 28 days prior to the move of the family for which Disturbance Allowance is now claimed’.

Unfortunately, all the above means that you are still ineligible to claim on this occasion. However, you will finally be able to claim when you move on posting from to your new unit."

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