Disturbance allowance for single soldiers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rowley632, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Could someone please confirm if a single soldier living in single soldiers accomodation who is posted and moves into single solders accom is entitled to disturbance allowance. One of the guys at my unit has been granted this by his previous unit, but on approaching a not very helpful Sqn Clk he says that i am not entitled to claim. I have looked at JSP752 and i seems to me that I am entitled, but i want to confim this before I have to tell the Sqn Clk how to do his job properly.
  2. Disturbance ? For moving a tri-wall full of **** socks and sheep porn ? Do me a favour, someones pulling your leg.
  3. The purpose of disturbance allowance is the re-enburse the costs of having to cancel Gym subscriptions, sky tv and telephone line just to name a few. Perhaps you were a block rat and if you like sheep porn well that was your choice. Most single soldiers now have all of the above in there rooms.
  4. Balls, disturbance allowance used to be for the hassle of getting your kids into new schools, uniforms etc and various other domestic thingys . In nine years I never heard of any singly getting DA but then I guess times change, sky in the blocks ?? Internet ??? harumph :D
  5. It has suposedly come in with the new relocation leave ( Ten Days)
  6. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Absolutely not! SLA to SLA does not, nor ever has, entitled a soldier to Disturbance Allowance. (SLA = Single Living Accommodation).

    What the guy at your unit may have got was Insurance Allowance. i.e. an allowance to cover part of the cost of insuring your kit whilst it is in transit. You will have to produce documentation in support of this.

    Current rate of Insurance Allowance is £42.40.

    See JSP752 Ch 7, Sec 3 for details.
  7. Yes a single person moving from SLA to SLA IS entiltled. This came in with JPA for us RAF -types, and I am led to believe that the allowances package came in tri-service at that stage even though the Army and Navy don't have the JPA system. It is about £85 if my memory serves me correctly (can check the exact amount at work tomorrow), and is to recompense things such as gym cancellation and the like. So the advice is: Definitely entitled if you are RAF, almost certainly if you are Army but best double-check.
  8. he recieved about 680 pound not sure if he has somehow slipped through the net but the Army from my expereince dont give you money for nothing. Will wait and see have emailed someone at MOD pay just waiting for a Reply.
  9. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Well, given that I am reading JSP752 which pertains to all 3 services I cannot find any mention of SLA to SLA Disturbance Allowance.

    In fact this paragraph pretty much nails it:

    And no, SLA is not a RWA.

    The Disturbance Allowance rate for moving from RWA to SLA is currently £75.00.

    I am more than happy to be proven wrong however, so would appreciate rather than you stating that an individual IS entitled that you provide some sort of reference for this assertion.

    JSP 752

    07.0104. Eligible Service Personnel. Regular Service and Full Time Reserve
    Service (Full Commitment) (FTRS(FC)) personnel (irrespective of PStat Cat) are
    eligible to receive DA on moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 training, and on subsequent
    qualifying moves. In order to avoid doubt, this eligibility includes single personnel.


    Contact: XXXXXX - deleted - PERSEC

    Privately Owned £1650 £1650 (No change)
    Privately Rented £969 £969 (No change)
    SFA/SSFA £969 £969 (No change)
    SLA/SSLA £75 £75 (No change)

    Didn't realise I could get a look at the JSP from home through the Army website! And please accept my apologies for being a tenner out!
  11. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    No probs - do you now concede that there is no DA for SLA to SLA moves?
  12. On the contrary - I thought I was showing that when moving between SLA you could claim £75 - which is what I claimed when I recently moved.
    07.0108. General. Only one rate of DA is payable when a Service person is
    permanently assigned to a new duty station (plus the Child Element of DA where
    appropriate). The DA payment is to be based upon the anticipated type of
    accommodation being moved into by the Service person for the majority of the
    assignment (but see paragraph 07.0115). Rates payable are for moves into:
    a. SFA. This rate is payable to Service personnel who occupy SFA or
    Substitute Service Families’ Accommodation (SSFA).
    b. SLA. This rate is payable to Service personnel who occupy SLA or
    Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA).

    c. Privately Owned Accommodation. This rate is payable to Service
    personnel who occupy living accommodation owned by them.
    d. Privately Rented Accommodation. This rate is payable to Service
    personnel who occupy privately rented accommodation and who are
    responsible for the rent.
  14. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Nope - read my post again

    and yours:

    In short, single soldier moving from RWA to block - DA
    single soldier moving from block to RWA - DA
    single soldier moving from RWA to RWA - DA
    single soldier moving from block to block - NO DA

    I'm pleased for you that you managed to claim DA for moving from SLA to SLA but I fail to see how any interpretation of JSP752 justifies this. Can you see what I am getting at?
  15. Mate I think you may have made the (incorrect) assumption that SLA is not an RWA. An RWA (residence at Work Address)is an address within 90 mins travelling time of your unit. It can be either SLA/SFA/Privately Owned or Privately rented. The only alternatibe to RWA is SPR(Selected Place of Residence). This is when you live further than 90 mins travelling distance away and can be SFA or private.