Disturbance Allowance for a Single Soldier

For the past 2 years i have been trying to get Disturbance Allowances for all the Singlies who live out over here in Dhekelia, Cyprus. I'm AGC and read all the rules attached to this and worked out we were intitled to the special rate. The pay office (where I worked) refused to make the payment. So I did the right thing and started a casefile and sent it up to HQ BFC, and they sent it off to MOD and still I was refused the right to take Disturbance Allowance. So I wrote off to Soldier magazine and they got no joy, but did state I should write into ARRSE. I have re-read the rule on still think I am entitled to the special rate, but no one agrees wth me.
I managed to claim disturbance once as a single soldier when moving from mess accom to private accom on posting. It took a long while to get it as there is a perception that single soldiers are not entitled and that's an end to it.

Could you perhaps request a 1:1 with your SO2 money-spider. He may be in a position to confirm or deny your claim and more importantly, to yourself as an AGC Soldier, explain why.
The main reason I was told for not being able to claim it, is that you have to have security clearance on property and landlord before moving out. Therefore you have to pay food and accommodation before security clearance is given. What I tried to explain to the people above and soldier magazine was that it nigh impossible to have this before you get posted unless you travel over before hand, and for the sake of £400 disturbance allowance, no soldier would pay around £600 to fly over before they are posted just to look for property to live out in!!
Had to get security clearance for the property and landlord, where are you posted to Iran????

Never heard of that before, do you have that in writing as I have published occurences for people moving out to their own place on posting and they got the 'Special Rate' no problem.

This was just a posting back to the UK though from the Falklands, not that it should have made a difference.
The security clearance for landlord and property is a Cyprus thing. The amount of paperwork involved you would have thought it was Iraq, and usually takes 6 weeks to sort out!
Hold on for JPA!! If my reading of the new JSP752 is correct we will all be entitled to Dist Allce from next year!!
Yep, all £75 of it.
Totally agree with you but I know I'm entitled to it and it's better off in my pocket all £400 odd , i've read the rules but the bloody army won't give in and admit their wrong!!!!

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