Disturbance Allowance - Double Tap

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Adjutant, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. I've been paid this twice!

    Following the theme of JPA cock ups, what's the score with re-paying it - can I avoid paying it back in a oner and can I say how much I am going to pay back and when or do I just have to take it on the chin?

    I have followed the previous thread but I don't quite get it!

  2. Its not yours in the first place.

    DON'T spend it!!!
  3. I haven't spent it - but I didn't ask for it twice - and so I don't see why 'they' should tell me how I repay it!
  4. Keep shtum, they may not notice and not ask for it back!

    Apologies,just noticed you're an adj, integrity and all that.... plus you must be loaded!
  5. Good.

    Don't touch it, so when they do re-claim it, you won't be out of pocket!
  6. Do touch it, put it into something that earns interest and hand it back when asked :)
  7. Good call!
  8. Use it to buy Premium Bonds-redeem them when you have to pay it back and you might just win something in the meantime
  9. Fellow Rocket Scientists...

    It is earning interest. 'They' now want it back. I will give it back to them but I want to know chapter on verse on how I can do this...

  10. How much do you owe?

    Say that you will pay by installments say £10.00 a week, so you are still earning interest on the remaining amount.
  11. Hubby got overpaid DA 3 times, he let everyone know but was met with shruggy shoulders by all.
    We put money aside ready to pay back when told....eventually he was given the option of pay it all back via cheque or four days gross pay will be taken from monthly pay.

    Guess which option we chose?
  12. They should take it back from your pay at drawing rate, 4 days pay, speak to your FSA or the JPAC.


  13. How long does it take fore the DA to be paid?Applied for mine within the 28 days,had it authorised over JPA and have heard bugger all since.
  14. It's like a free loan isn't it?

    Have a good Christmas that year??
  15. Pay it back. You know you aren't entitled to it.

    Integrity dear chap.