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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Gipsy, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. Out of the Army after 22 years, living in the Sgts mess. Moving to a civi rented house that is rented by my partner. Am i entitled to any kind of disturbance allowance? My HR staff were a little shady about this.
  2. Unless you are somewhere other than mainland UK I don't think you get anything at all (I certainly didn't, a couple of years ago or so). If you're overseas or in a 'difficult' location (NI for example) I think you get some limited help with removals from SFA or SSFA (and maybe from a mess as a singlie), but I don't think the help extends to disturbance allowance. Basically you're on your own for the last move on retirement.
  3. mmm, i kinda think i answered my own question here:

    Just checked and found out that you will be only entitled to the FTOD (Final Tour of Duty) move if you have formally express a preference for your FTOD on the JPA Form F024.

    see below extract from JSP 752, Ch 7, Sect 4:



    07.0401. Aim. The aim of the Final Tour of Duty (FTOD) provision is to assist eligible Service personnel in their final tour of duty, who are not in the geographical area in which they have formally expressed a preference to serve, with meeting the costs of settling themselves and/or their immediate family at a Selected Place of Residence (SPR) in the UK.


    07.0407. Statement of Preference. Service personnel who do not formally express a preference for a FTOD on a JPA Form F024 are ineligible for the support in this Section, but see paragraph 07.0405g and 07.0405h.

    In my opinion this is dog turd. I have been in the same location for 6 years, extended for various reasons. I still have the same expenses to pay out as anyone elso would, and i was never told to fill in JPA Form F024. It seems that if i had filled in this form instead of agreeing to extend in post, i would have been entitled to DA. One more reason to be so happy to be getting out i suppose. Feeling a little let down by the system here....but hey ho.

    Many thanks anyway.
  4. dont think you are entitled to a thing in your last move mate, hopefully i will be proved wrong as i will be in the same boat shortly.

    good luck
  5. Thankfully my last day is at the end of this month then its 6 months paid leave. I just think its disgusting that after 22 years of life given to this job, they cant even get my stuff from where i am to where i want to be settling. Disgusting.
  6. Mate, if you have six months paid leave before moving on, but you think it's disgusting that the Army won't move you, then you might be in for a bit of a shock when you become a full-blown civilian.
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  7. Yeah, fair point, but after 22 years in the Army and having moved out of a SFA on seperation from a snake with tits, i have slightly more stuff than the average single soldier to move. Just expected a little more help. I should really have known better shouldnt i....lol....I dont think its a case if i am ready for Civi street.....i think its more of a case ...is civi street ready for me....lol.
  8. Why don't you still apply for the FTOD, I did in my last year and got the full DA as a singlie. Just need to get the RCMO on side and get it signed off by your desk Officer.
  9. Look on it as the Army helping with your transition to Civvy street by not giving you any help, thereby giving you a taste of the level of support you will have to get used to.

    You should be able to sort out a van and move it yourself (or get a couple of lads to help for a bit of cash) for a couple of hundred quid.

    Good luck in civvy street.

  10. Yeah, thats pretty much my plan. Getting it back dated is a deffo no go.....my Regiment would rather take my legs for something like that. God forbid anyone would want to do someone a favour eh?...lol
  11. Tell them to put this in their pipe and smoke it.

    07.0405. General. Service personnel, who have formally expressed a preference for a FTOD location using JPA Form F024, are eligible to claim DA and movement of PE under the provisions of this Section to a SPR in the UK at any stage during their final tour of duty up to and including their final day of service, provided that the provisions of Para 07.0403 remain extant and:

    I'll let you read the rest, but it clearly states what you need to know. Any probs PM me.
  12. PM sent mate.....i read this already with no joy!!!!
  13. Gipsy, can you explain how to get 6 months paid leave at the end of your 22?
  14. "Disgusting"?? I don't suppose you're quite so disgusted by having a six-monts fully-paid taxpayer-funded holiday though, are you? Or quite so disgusted by your very generous index-linked pension either? You need to give your head a big wobble before you hit the harsh realities of civvy street, my friend.
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  15. You were never told? FFS, you are a WO/SNCO after 22 years service. You might have thought about this before now.

    I'd hate to be one of your lads, you would never find anything out!!

    I'd love to have my last 6 months off, buckshee, not going to happen though.
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