District Court Martial

I got hsi siteoff a T-Shirt i recently today!!

Anyway.. Can someone please explain to me the difference in powers of a General Court Martial and a District Court Martial. How does that equate to civil court?

At a GCM there would normally be 5 officers (one of whom is the President) and they effectively make up the jury. They will determine whether the defendant is guily or not and then (unlike in cvilian court) also decide on the appropraite sentence (assuming he or she is guilty - which they obviously will be!) Legal advice on procedure, precedent etc is provided by a Judge Advocate (baby judge).
I was set before a District Court Martial for my beliefs. I believed I could masturbate on the bus. Apparently the facist military "believe" otherwise.

My brother went before a General Court Martial for exactly the same "crime" - only it was a school bus.

I hope that clears things up for you.
A District Court martial is confined to a maximum sentence of 2 years.

A General Court martial has the power to impose up to the maximum sentence set out by law - e.g. life imprisonment.

Unlike a civilian Court an accused cannot choose which Court he goes before - it is the prosecutor who makes that decision.

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