District Council wish to move war memorial

Mendip District Council has decided to move war memorial in Shepton Mallet, stating that they wish to find a more suitable setting. The only wesite I have found after a quick search is www.sheptonmallet.org which is the town council's website and is probably somewhat biased as they are all in favour of the move. This is also tied in with Tesco wishing to build a large superstore that will encroach on the site of the memorial.

The memorial is currently located just off a busy roundabout which is not a very good spot. I am in 2 minds about this - the move is OK on the one hand if it is moved to a location - not an out of the way spot but, say, to the middle of the town where it will be seen every day, after all the purpose is to remind the public of the debt they owe to the fallen. On the other hand I feel incensed that the memorial to remember men, many of whom have no known grave, is to be moved on the whim of a gang of grocers.

What do Arrsers think about this - I need a bit of help to form an opinion myself, if the majority veiw is that this is wrong, or that a bit of pressure is required to ensure that any move is sensetively and properly managed then this is the perfect forum to get a bit of protest, letter writing , petitions etc.

Please let me know what you think and also any further facts you are able to uncover. I am restricted on how muych time I can do this at work and I only have very slow dial up at home. I am keeping an eye on local press etc and will post stuff here if the subject takes off. I haven't made this into a vote because I think opinions need to be expressed rather than a simple Y/N
I for one support resiting War Memorials in order that they provide a daily reminder of the Debt of Honour owed to the named individuals. It is a fact that the country has changed shape since the 1920s and some of the locations are not really that suitable any more.
As you have stated, the location of the memorial is in " Not a very good spot".

The trustees have grave concerns regarding the safety aspect of the structure in its current position and have resolved to relocate the structure approximately 10 metres from its current position.

Looking at the photograph of the memorial and its location, It's located in an ugly spot right by the main road. Consult the Council and ask exactly where in the 10 metre radius it's going to be moved.
Why not pick up the memorial, build the Tescos and then replace the memorial as a central feature of the development? That way Tesco's get the new store, councillors can pick up their brown envelopes and the memorial becomes part of the fabric of the town once more and is seen/visited daily by dozens if not hundreds. Maybe a couple of information boards could be sited nearby explaining why the memorial was built, who these people were and how critically important it was that it be re-installed as detailed above? Bear in mind however, if I remember correctly, this is the same council who chucked their own council ROH into a skip when moving offices.
I like Cuddles' idea. It has a number of advantages:
1. The November wreath laying can be conducted in safety
2. ...with plenty of space and
3. ...fully in the sight of all the chavs who spend their sundays in Tescos cafeterias.

Many memorials have been moved both here and in France (the Calais memorial is now in its third location), often for the better. It is when the council propose to demolish that you want to get hot and bothered. The Boer War memorial that Oxford wanted to demolish now lives in the TAC grounds.
Thanks everyone - I will keep an eye on it but, until I have satisfied myself as to the appropriateness of the new location, refrain from setting fire to myself in the council offices in protest
Mr_Baiter said:
Thanks everyone - I will keep an eye on it but, until I have satisfied myself as to the appropriateness of the new location, refrain from setting fire to myself in the council offices in protest
Careful there old cap, you could be up for Arson. Make sure the building is empty so others are not endangered, you will be looking at 6 months tops or a fine :wink:
If it needs to be moved, it needs to be moved. The moving on the "whim of a grocer" comment is a little misguided, towns need supermarkets and need to move forward. If that involves movement of a monument, then so be it. If it could be moved to a park location where people can easily access it then all the better.

If they were grinding it down and flogging it off as recycled agrigate then it would be a problem. The memorial is about rememberence, i'm sure it was never meant to obstruct progress.

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