District and Town Council success for UKIP ?


Thanet elected 7 UKIP County Cllrs. This week there was a District Council election due to the conviction and imprisonment of the former tory leader of the council Sandy Ezekiel.


And there was a Ramsgate Town Council election.

These may be interesting results because they are at local level. 30 years ago tory leader of Thanet Council was sent to prison for forging dollars and documents. Cyril Hoser. 25 years ago Hoser's associate tory was arrested for paramilitary activity in TA. Strongly suspected to have been arrested with him was a later tory Margate Mayor.

A couple of years ago a tory cllr was convicted of killing a kitten by neglect.

There hasn't been a lot emerge about the former tory cllr arrested for downloading child porn in the most serious category.

A couple of years ago the charity East Kent Maritime Trust came under Charity Commission investigation. It ran Thanet's museums with grant aid from the council of about £120,000 per year.

A member of public let the Charity Commission know that the Trust had failed to declare a quarter million pound legacy.

Thanet Council solicitor became involved as the EKMT was being sued by Steam Museum Trust (for f-cking up a steam tug called Cervia). Two tory cllrs were trustees of the charity and as such had liability. Whoopee you may think. But some sort of legal process was entered into involving the council but excluding (by not telling them) the interested party the Charity Commission. And as if by magic two tory cllrs disappeared as listed trustees of the charity. So who was the council solicitor representing ? The public interest or two tory cllrs ?

Steam Museum Trust took over the museums and kept a berth for their tug Cervia.

And the only question is what did the public get for £120,000 per year for 25 years ? And how was the money spent.

One of the EKMT trustees also sat on Kent Police Authority who called for inquiry and report in 1997 into matters like paramilitary use of 6th Thanet Gun range and the security history of Deal RM Barracks. In 1998 the former arrested paramilitary tory cllr was successfully sued for libel. But at High Court the KPA, EKMT cllr gave evidence >> did he conceal from the High Court judge that Kent Police Authority had called for inquiry into the former arrested paramilitary tory cllr and into Thanet Council planning enforcement history re 6th Thanet Gun range ?

This is currently a matter the Thanet Council solicitor is wrestling with. Because it is about law and duties to the Court it should be a matter for full council. The solicitor at TDC seems to be wanting to keep it inhouse with Standards Cttee.

Suffice it to say that Thanet Council tory history is not impressive. And the swing to UKIP may not just be about a one issue party. This is a protest vote. Protesting against snouts in troughs too long. So it may be significant.
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