District 9

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Schaden, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. A creditable effort.

    I particularly liked the Joburg setting. It could have been just another soapy Alien Nation episode. So much more telling than the predictable US setting. The routine bigotry of both sides of a post pencil test society against a truly alien presence was both believable and reflective.

    The Gangsta Nigerians and their cannibalizing witch doctors being far more terrifying than the squalid garbage sifting, cat food eating "Prawn" aliens was a nice touch.

    The corporate Boers being even more ruthlessly obsessed with gaining access to Prawn weaponry and even less delicate in their methods was a counterpoint.

    Decent gritty action sequences. It can be forgiven the short homage to Transformers.

    Then there was The Weapons of District 9.

    I look forward to the sequel. The Return Of The King Prawn.
  3. Excellent film, really enjoyed it. Wonder where they got the top half of a Rapier FSC launcher?
  4. Just got back from seeing this: D9 has come in for a bit of stick on the "What film have you just watched?" thread, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. They've done wonders with the special effects for a reported $30 million budget - the aliens look very plausible and communicate by a series of clicks rather than speaking English with a dodgy comedy accent. Perhaps the best aspect is the way that the audience comes to sympathise with the central character, who initially comes across as irritatingly callow. The location is inspired: where better than South Africa to set a film about a segregated "sub human" population, referred to by pejorative slang terms and treated like animals? If you like your sci-fi grandiose, this won't satisfy you - but I rather liked the way it told a section of the story rather than trying to do too much.
  5. It inverts or expands on several ideas from other movies. In "E.T." Eliots brother speculates that they might not be able communicate with the alien as he may be a drone, only able to push a few buttons. Essentially this is what the entemologist describes the prawns as.