Distribution of Effort

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by DozyBint, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Is it worth making a note of who is located where and able to cover which geographical areas? Whilst we don't all have the freedom of MDN to put aside work at a moment's notice (I am pretty much tied to my desk from 0800 - 1900 Mon-Fri) I can get out and about in the evenings and at the weekends.

    I can easily cover the square from Kent up to Norfolk across to Shropshire and down to Dorset, going further south-west, into Wales or futher north if required.
  2. Put me down for West Mids, unfortunately no wheels at the moment or I'd be able to go further.
  3. Spoke too soon! :x

    Something's gone wrong with my car engine and it's being taken to pieces as I type - something to do with the cam belt, but not a straight-forward cam belt break, apparently, so not only am I going to be reduced to driving the Mother Mobile for the near future (an ancient 1.2l Clio) but I'm going to be around £1,500 worse off and not get my car back till after Christmas. Yay me! :roll: :crying: