Distance Learning Pack for AT

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dawe16, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Guys, I need help with a few of the geogrpahy questions in the DLP, like "what is the name of the old Roman Road 4k east of Kineton. Cant seeem to find it anyway. Any help?
  2. I believe the name of the old roman road is Fosse Way. i had my ATCAB back in April. was a good laugh. good luck mate
  3. Nice one mate, cheers. owe ya one :)
  4. when are you going for atcab dawe16?
  5. Just to confirm what gunner said :)
  6. Just before anyone gets too carried away on this thread...

    There are more Ammo Techs on this board than you can shake a stick at! Some even may be instructors at Kineton...

    You have been warned!
  7. For all the wannabee AT's do you honestly believe that you are sent a distance learning pack so that you can learn how to post the same questions on Arrse?

    And no, it's not particularly good initiaitve either. I would suggest the answer is in the title of the pack - LEARNING.

    Still, carry on as you see fit. See you when I see you.
  8. Point taken! Lesson learned!