Distance-learning MBA - alternatives to OU?

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by 4(T), May 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Is any Arrser out there engaged on a distance-learning MBA other than with the Open University?

    I'm trying to find some feedback about some of the courses currently running, e.g. Imperial, Edinburgh, Bradford, et al.
  2. I would not bother, these things are very profitable for the unis because only a tiny minority actually end up graduating (<30% I read some time ago in the FT). It really depends how old you are, where you want to work (sector ä/ location) and what you already have under your belt in terms of education. An MBA really only pays off if you do a top 10 school, otherwise you might be better off going for something far cheaper such as a CFA if you want to break into the investment industry. Doing an MBA for the sake of doing one rarely makes sense.
  3. I agree with all you say. I'm unfortunately having to do a career re-launch/change, so I'm principally intending to use the MBA as a CV embellishment, as well as quantifying my real-world general management experience.

    I'm actually most of the way through the first year MBA at the OU, and looking to change schools. The OU course has proved a major disappointment, and it doesn't help that they appear to be moving the course goalposts in order to maximise their fee revenue....
  4. I am no expert, but like said, I would do something more industry specific, MBA must be ivy league or at least top 20. In the UK only 5 or 6 unis come to mind, a few more on the continent, all of which are either full time or executive.

    I still don't know you age and history, so I cant propose anyhting more specific. Feel free to PM me, though I don't know how much insight I can provide. Don't waste any more money on distance learning, it is isn't worth it IMHO. Put some real money, time and effort in it and apply with a good business school or do CBA, CFA or whatever else is relevant for the industry you want to enter. It goes without saying that work experience in such an industry is more valueable than the above... (IMHO)
  5. dizzy.chick

    dizzy.chick Clanker Book Reviewer

    I work for a uni who offer p/t weekend taught MBA It runs Friday to Monday. It is pretty intense but its a very good course.
  6. Which Uni is that?
  7. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Off topic I know, but I would have thought Radiography via distance learning was quite difficult?
  8. Henley's distance MBA is pretty good - i know two guys who went through that including Shergar on here.

    I did four eighths of a modular distance learning MBA in the eighties and frankly it sucked. That was with Napier. It really was unsophisticated and didn't reflect the industrial environment of the time. It was like a 1950s business course not a late eighties one.

    edited to add: Actually I think it was four ninths - there were nine modules not eight!
  9. :D I'm already qualified but when I did it we did the DCR course. It changed to a BSc Hons 2 years later. I did the 'conversion' for want of a better word, to keep my brain alive when the kids were young! It basically covered all the stuff the DCR didn't (DCR was a very clinical based course) so Statistical Data collection and interpretation, modern modalities in imaging, audit and research design...all that 'bookish' bollox that you don't actually NEED to be a good frontline clinical radiographer!
  10. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Two of my best mates did the Henley MBA and as Cuddles says, its very good and very well regarded. It isn't however a cheap option, but with all things you get what you pay for and in their cases it certainly helped open doors when they made the move to civvy strasse.
  11. PM inbound.
  12. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    I was wondering....Mrs A2 is a Radiographer, also of the DCR ilk. Your post gave me some horrible mental images of trying to explain the physical clinical aspects solely via book or even worse online videos.

    It seems the new BSc has moved more to the latter 'bookish bollox' at the expense of the clinical patient close aspects. Last time I collected her from work she was chatting to a student (2nd/3rd year) who looked seriously traumatised and was having difficulty accepting that she was really really expected to touch that unwashed mass of cells purporting to be a patient and it really wasn't the RDAs job to get the patient changed, prepped and properly positioned.

    This reminds me I've not baited her with "button monkey" for a long time - "Breath in keep still - Bzzzz - breath out: tell me whats hard about Radiography then", she bites so easily... ;-)

  13. They all have that haunted look for a while once they come out of school! To be fair, the gulf between the two qualifications has narrowed (imho) in recent years, following a serious rethink of the course delivery, as so many early BSc rads started their first job incapable of going to theatre/portables/resus on their own. I'd say nowadays, there's no real difference! And DCR rads have to take some responsibility for their lack of confidence as we're the ones mentoring them!

    Button monkey is fine by me...nobody expects anything from you :D
  14. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Daft question and I shall then cease subverting this thread and pestering you, are a military Radiographer?