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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Biscuits_AB, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. I'm looking for a MA course in Military History, preferably concentrating on WW1, although I'm open to other options. I have found one at Birmingham Uni (MA British First World War Studies), which looks great but sadly it's a taught programme offering FT and PT attendance only.

    Does anyone know of a distance learning option?
  2. If you already have a history degree, I would be very surprised if the OU wouldnt allow you to create your MA. You've done the ground work, time to specialise.
  3. My first degree is in Law so that's a non starter I'm afraid. Cheers anyway.
  4. That looks quite good but it's probably of more interest to those still serving. I'm a civvy now and I'm really looking for something more for personal interest rather than something career enhancing. Thanks all the same though!
  5. The OU is like a whore on crystal meth, give them a ring or an email, the bitch will accomodate.
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  6. Why don't you go the whole hog and get yourself on a part-time Ph.D., around 6 years of stoodenting. I reckon most institutes of higher learning with a history department would take you on - as you would be paying. I remember when I was doing mine there was lots of funding being thrown at departments/schools/colleges within uni's that could show a technological or business reason for research, but not so much towards the corduroy jacket and Indiana Jones departments.

    Probably the best route would be to go for a part-time PG-Dip, with the intention of upping it to a M.Phil. and then a Ph.D. That would give more time and flexibility but still allow you to study.
  7. What stops you sparing a day a week for a part time taught MA course? I wish I had the time and money to do one myself

    If you have a specific research project in mind you might find a supervisor for a PhD at any of the UK institutions offering military history. I presume you can't do part time because you are working. Therefor you could find the fees from your income. University departments need funded students. My guess is that if you can find the funding to pay C £2.5k a year and get your rsearch project accepted someone will supervise you.

    At postgraduate level it seems to be a personal matter for the supervisor. You could hang out with the chaps at the British Commission for Military History and find someone willing to indulge you. At the very least its worth a shot.

    Good luck and I'd be interested in reading what you are researching!
  8. Not a masters but I can personally recommend this course:

    AA312 - Total war and social change: Europe 1914-1955 - Open University Course

    More WW1 centric than WW2 but very well put together.
  9. Inconvenience and lack of travelling time mainly. I'm self employed but my wife works and is studying for her Doctorate, and we've got two young kids.
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