Distance Learning in the Pit

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by parasigs, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Guys

    Im currently working for an American company in Iraq. Im looking at doing a distance learning Business course, hopefully leading to a degree.

    The open Uni are about as flexible as an unflexible thing so I was wondering what studies other people have completed and with which institutions/universities? Doesnt have to be business I am open to suggestions but primarily i was looking at a business course. And made up of individual courses making up a points system.

    I would also be interested in short courses.

    Thanx in advance for any help guys-much appreciated.
  2. I have seen a leaflet in our local AEC for Home Learning Direct


    They offer Business Skills courses and seem to offer special rates for forces

    Worth a look?
  3. You must be joking, parasigs, I've just finished a BA Hons in Business with the OU and it was totally flexible. I did 2 x ICT courses (T209 and T305), a single level 1 course (DD100), 2 x Level 2 business courses (B200, B202) and a post-grad one (B713) - all over about 7 years. They've got loads of good courses and you just map them together.

  4. Im taking back what I said about the OU. Turns out I can get very close to a degree without having to do courses that require a final exam which obviously would have been difficult.

    Just Tutor Marked Assessments and a final assignment. Just gotta get the Mrs to forward on textbooks to Baggers and send my final assessment back at the end as it has to be a hard copy. Seems quite do-able.

    Poison Dwarf-Where where you when you were studying?

    Cheers all