Distance learning at Shrivenham

Not sure if this is the appropriate forum but I will shortly be starting an MSc (International Security) at the Shrivenham campus this month. I will be a distance learner and wonder if anyone can tell me about on-site accomodation, mandatory attendance periods, flexibility in study duration. etc, etc.

I am no longer serving and it is already costing me a decent sum to fly, rent a car and stay overnight. So any tips would be welcome, especially is anyone is also attending this course.

on a similar note, is there any wifi access at the 'Nam?
Hitch: odd questions at this point: they should all be addressed in the pre-course joining bumf... Specifically, each course is slightly different, but the 'course handbook' is regarded as the contract between you and the university for issues like how long you have to complete the degree (from memory, a normal distance masters' is 3 years default, up to 5 if needed), mandatory summer school attendance, etc etc. (it has to be ratified by senate, and the academic registry refer to it if any unseemly disagreements arise...)

If you don't have a copy yet, given the timelines implied, ring them up and abuse them - a simple e-mail should answer your questions. If you are a PV paying customer, don't accept the often displayed incompetent slackness in dealing with your queries.

As to the second point: wifi varies across the site. A general answer would be that a mixture of 2 PFI contracts and the security accreditor make wifi a serious problem. It is certainly not the blanket easy/good coverage you might expect in an academic institution - that would be too simple. However, some nets in some buildings have coverage.

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