Distaff Walting - American Style

what was she drinking? popping? using?.. this is just too weird, even for a ' reality show' or late night B-picture plot.

Wendy Brown of Green Bay Wisconsin, USA - Age 33

has been charged with indentity theft after stealing her daughter's Id/Records and going back to High School - to wit - Ashwaubenon High School - disguised as her 15 year old [ who actually lives in Nevada with granny ]..
She joined the Cheerleading Squad and was caught out when the cheque for the uniform bounced.

A school official said: that Ms. Brown looked older than a student, seemed very timid and wasn't good at math [ so normal, then ]

wonder how she looked in the cheerleading outfit?

anyway, sordid details compliments of Associated Press [ haven't found a piccie, yet, but, as sure as gawd made little green apples, there's one out there somewhere on the wurld wyde weeb ]..

LOL :roll:


Book Reviewer
And this is weirder than putting up a four eyed God Whisperer who only got her first passport last month for the job of Vice President of the USA?

How, precisely?

says a lot about the state of decay in America these days if that is what passes for a cheeleader.. Deffo not Hayden Panetierre/ Heroes Chickie ..

kind of sad, really...

still, not as creepy as the last case of' mistaken identity' where a 30 year old paedophile enrolled in a school 'disguised' as a 12 year old boy...

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