Dissociative identity disorder

Starting to wonder if this is becoming endemic within the Corps. It's certainly becoming rife amongst the boards. Can we please ease up on how many accounts you post under with completely opposing views to eachother just to try and stir comment? One person doing it was funny (read - BARBGENIUS! 8O ) Another is amusing too. Three? It's been done. But I have counted about 5 or so people all posting under various pseudonyms now. I know we're meant to be covert but it's beginning to take the piss gents.
Dual personalities are comforting, one could actually never be lonely, always have a confidante, have threesomes all the time, or same sex relationships if single. Rows with yourself will clear the air, and maybe we can even deny we ever said "that" ("it was him not me")

Course, there are drawbacks to multiple personality disorders (or whatever he said or called it there, above 8O ). You tend to lose track of things and gibber a bit from time to time.

Time for meds anyway :roll:
ah, BARBGENIUS. perhaps spunky shouldn't have pulled the plug so quickly, it could still be running today...

mind you, all those death threats were clogging up the server ;)
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