Dissident republicans blamed for Londonderry car bomb

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. BBC
    The bomb was left close to the Ulster Bank and a row of shops in front of Da Vinci's hotel on the Culmore Road on Monday night.

    It exploded shortly after midnight - about an hour after the warning was given. Dozens of homes were evacuated in the alert. No-one was injured.

    However, the bank and several shops were damaged.

    BBC News - Dissident republicans blamed for Londonderry car bomb
  2. Really? And there was me thinking it might be the militant wing of Gay Whales Against The Bomb.
  3. Alltogether now...

    "They haven't gone away you know!"
  4. Lets hope this wasent the final Ex in Cira/Rira's Train the trainer course.

    More to follow me thinks.
  5. It's hardly a concerted campaign, their attacks seem to be in fits and sputters, not that should take anything away from the fact there scumbag Bastards and each and everyone of them should be put to the sword.
  6. Sooo..... is that a tentative yes for execution or just a maybe.

    I was in the High Court this week. What a pallaver. 20 cases listed and one judge. All the barristers doing deals to make sure they don't go in because none of them have revised for their cases over the weekend and are all bricking it.

    Chief Constable was up for worrying a sheep or something like that.

    John Lewis was there wondering why no one in NI will let them open their shop.

    200 people wanting tea and the cafe is like a reverse TARDIS, how can it be so small in such a huge building.

    Swords to good for them. Make them sit through that crap for a few months, its like some sort of Roman version of Hell. Two days of it and I was ready to confess to anything.

    (Note to self bring a book next time.)