Dissertation help required

I'm currently putting together a rather large piece of work concerning the AMS, and am in the process of setting the scene regarding organisational context.

I've got info on FAS and the DMCS, and a few other bits that fell out of that work, but I'd like a bit of help with the effects on the AMS following Options for Change, DCS 15 and SDR. I am currently looking at old RAMC Journals, British Army Reviews and am popping down to Shrivenham later on in the month, so this is not a request designed to save me the bother of researching - merely information gathering.

I'd prefer some robust data, not personal opinion, and I will, of course, reference any published data.

Thanks in advance.
Dont envy your position at all Peter

Its a difficult task and difficult request to try and answer. From an organisational point of view post SDR etc a majority of the data available to you WILL be personal opinions as true to form the AMS and the Army as a whole were not great at reseraching the effects POST SDR. The New FAS should prove to be a very intresting time for the AMS and hopefully the army will invest more time into assessing the impact of FAS on the AMS. Sadly the AMS has had alot of hard knocks over the past decade and it is only now starting to recover from this. Should you want further information that would be more informative and more contextual based on your request then perhaps a visit to Keogh Barracks AMS musemn may be in order? Have you thought about approaching MCM Div?? That to may also be a worthy port of call.

All the best for the dissertation and hope this was at least of some help.

Good Luck

If it’s still there you could try contacting the library at both Fort Blockhouse and Royal Hospital Haslar as they worked together. They hold a huge back list of journals and may be able to offer you some help.

Best of luck

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