disschare from british army on cdt

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ktmjay23, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. hi i am looking for some help and addvise regaurding disscharge from failing a cdt test due to a spiking.
  2. Thatll be a hard one to prove! Did you report the alleged spiking as soon as possible after it occurred?
  3. yeah i reported it prior to the cdt test but it was on the same day. i went down to the med-center and whn i got back i was told that we had a CDT test that afternoon. and they got rid of me
  4. Did you report the spiking when it happened as per the instructions on your spike card and MATT 6 training? Can you provide a medical opinion that you were spiked?

    What you need to understand is that the spike card process is there to stop you from getting in the sh1t when this happens, so that you don't end up in this situation. If you don't pro-actively inform the right people in a spiking situation and later fail a CDT, you can see how suspicious it looks.

    SSAFA would seem to be your best bet to start with, followed by Citizen's Advice Beaurau
  5. Have you already been discharged?
  6. Make sure you get an interview with your OC as soon as possible and explain the situation. Give as much factual information as possible. Be sure to explain why you didn't get yourself to a hospital as soon as you knew that you were spiked, details of who you spoke to at the med centre and what they said to you. etc etc.

    Ask about what procedure is being followed, AFAIK the Army can't just throw you out, legally they have to either follow a civil or military disciplinary procedure in order to sack you, whcih should involve an opportunity for you to put your side of the story. If you have had a disciplinary procedure already and it has gone against you, you have a right to appeal and the CofC should inform you of exactly how you may go about it.

    SSAFA may also be able to give advice or put you in contact with someone who can.
  7. Steady on old boy, innocent until proven otherwise and all that. Anyway, that is what a court martial is FOR surely, to weigh the facts of the case and decide on his innocence or guilt.

    "Now pass me that black cap Darling, I'll be needing that in a minute..."
  8. It is your job to prove yourself innocent, not the CDT to prove you guilty.

    Give us the facts, timescales, what the Med Centre said etc.
  9. There is a laid down appeal procedure which your discipline sgt in rhq should be able to give you a reference to. Essentially it involves sending hair samples to the cdt and independant labs at your own expense! If you are a non druggy but were spiked as you say then your hair would show no trace of any drugs up till that point - don't quote me but I believe they can go back several months on the average hair length. If your bald up top they can do it with a pube.
  10. I have attended a number of talks and presentations in relation to spiking and one thing that was common throughout was the actual effect that a drug will have on your pint, bottle etc. (I am also willing to state I am not an expert)

    From what I have seen 99% of the time there is a physical effect which takes place on your beer which indeed is somewhat noticeable, now you could have been the very unfortunate chap who suffered from the other 1% in which case I feel sorry for you. However you yourself should have known if you had been subject to something dodgy by the way you were feeling and the effects which whatever it was produced on your body. In which case you should have immediately reported it to the (guardroom/RMP and med centre) this way something could have been recorded, as it is now there is only your word for it which now may seem somewhat questionable (sorry that's how it is) as you only reported the incident on the day of CDT.

    If what was a genuine spiking I wish you good luck and I suggest you consider who you left in charge of yoour beer as you went to the loo????
  11. rasselas

    rasselas Swinger Book Reviewer

    Good thing it was only a CDT and not a random spelling test, then you'd really have been screwed.
  12. Something smells very bad here! As has been said, the CDT result is only one part of this and the CO will have a lot of other info......... that we dont have. For my part I do not think ktmjay23 is telling the whole story???

    Good bye, move along, nothing to see here.
  13. Anybody ever seen what happens when you put cocaine or pills into a pint or bottle of beer? Its like putting bicarbonate of soda into vinegar.

    What have you actually failed CDT on?

    I smell a rat here.