Dissapointed with TA, advice on possible transfer?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wayfarer, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Clearly a mistake posting anything on here.

    In short, don't think SIGS are for me, I'm looking for a good mix of mill-skill and trade as barely do any mill-skills in the SIGS, can anyone advise on what its like in the RE and whether the TA RE have a good rep?
  2. You are right you are too good for them. Have you considered the Sea Scouts instead?
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You are dripping because you weren't sent on an AT course before you have even broken in your first pair of boots or done your trade training?

  4. I'm guessing you two got offended because you're on med-chits as well. I'm onto my second set of Lowas thanks, broken in over the Brecons after the tread vanished on the first set. I train heaps in my own time because all they do at the unit is sleep in the drill hall and drink in the bar.

    In its current state TA is noway near good enough to back up the regs, its ashame cause I've met some rock solid soldiers and blokes with 6+ tours under their belt, but the majority are a joke. Truth hurts.

    Thanks for completely ignoring the actual body of the post which was a request for advice.

    As for you PBUH, you joined April 2012 and have 591 posts, you clearly do heaps of tabbing!
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  5. No it wasn't. It was you stroking your cock about how good you were while you slagged everyone else off after less than 12 months.

    I should have quoted you in my response so everyone could see what a dripping piece you'd written before you deleted it.

    Didn't need a med chit, I was a Control Signaller/Signals Instructor. Its not that ******* hard Superman

    edited to add:

    If you want an honest view I would join an Infantry Battalion (maybe even 4 Para) and express an interest in Signals. They will always want good operators. Mortars, Recce & the RSO will all be willing to train up decent Signallers. RE will be just as "unmotivated" by and large as you reckon your current lot are. Commando ones might be a bit more interested
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You are quite correct, I have a permanent sick chit, and am excused boots. I look in awe at regular soldiers and those God-like members of the TA who have managed to get out to the sand pit or Ghanners on Ops.

    Surely after 12 months of walking around Brecon with no mates you are a shoe in for the SAS?
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  7. Mate....First of all, what is the Brecons. Do you mean the Brecon Beacons?

    Secondly, which TA unit are you with, that makes you believe that the TA are not good enough to back up the Regular Army?

    If you are that good, why don't you join a TA Unit that will make you sweat tears!

    & Lowas are worn by girls that cry their eyes out on a little Tab.

    Proper blokes wear issued kit.

    Gucci kit is for Posers, Poofs & Maureens!
  8. Id say get your transfer in to 131 as soon as you can. One troop, 299 Para Sqn are mostly ex 131 bods and they are a decent bunch of lads. Most of them, including our current OC, did P coy on the transfer over.

    There was a 131 psi on a range weekend I was on recently and he came across as a serious no nonsense sort of bloke so I cant imagine the rest of them are much different.

    Finally, theres no need to gob off on here about your sexploits. Ask a question, get an answer, go away smash out a course, come back let us know how you got on. Seeing as you have went through two pairs of lowas you must be a fat ****.
  9. Not posting my unit as I've had a rant, I would a. Be discrediting them as a unit and b. Lining myself up for trouble. I bought Lowa's as my unit can't measure a ******* foot properly and my feet slid around in the issue boots and I got bad blistering before I'd even kicked the 8 miler out. Been on the hills many a time in the Lowas and they're like slippers. Although they are heavy and you do sweat in the *******. PBUH, thanks for an actual reply. I didn't slag everyone, just the fat biff ***** who can't even run the 1.5m pfa. Pathetic. One girl even has a chit to excuse her from drill!

    SAS reserve is a consideration, however read a lot of bad stuff on here though about blokes passing selection and being turned down anyway or having to leave cause the DS didn't like them, never really thought about it to be honest.

    RIG - Wheres 299 based? Looked at Paras but most was off up North I think. I really like the look of 131. As for being a fat **** I'm 5'11 and 11.5stone and I only killed off one pair!

  10. As PBUH, yes. As my previous I'd much earlier. But look at you 12 months in and you know all the lingo, "tabbing" etc. You truly must be an Adonis amongst wimps, how lucky the TA were to get you.

    And no I don't do much tabbing, it all got a bit tedious after 10 years. Junior Brecon was good though, all the racing snakes soon shut up when they needed to save their breath.

  11. The way you Gob off on here, I would take a guess that ANY DS would think you're a ****!

    & don't give me that bollocks, that your unit can't measure your ******* foot!
    Don't you know what size feet you've got?
    If you got the wrong size boots, thats your fault, you whinging whining cry baby!

    Its always everybody else's fault, isn't it!

  12. And your point is? Best 11 years of my life!

    When you say you want more "mil skills" are you talking about running about and killing shit? If so, join the infantry. I did lots of running about and pretending to kill shit, and its shit for 90% of the time..but fantastic for 10%.
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  13. It would seem that the TA now is in the worse state its ever been in. Yes a lot get mobilised but a lot more don't. But the one's that don't mobilise aren't turning in. Increasing the TA and reducing Regular Army is a mistake, which will bite us all in the arse in the future. The TA needs a major overhaul where some sort of compulsory trg and attendance is required, with legislation in place to protect jobs or binned altogether! The TA is run on goodwill, maybe the goodwill is running out?

  14. I wish Mick Phillpot was your dad.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    4 Para has 2 locations around London if that is closer for you. Your worn out Lowas, massive amounts of experience and belief that the TA is not capable of supporting regular soldiers on operations will be music to the training team's ears.

    Drop them a line:

    Contact list - British Army Website
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