Dissapearing Act

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. Does anyone know the whereabouts of a certain WO2 who left the Corps, under dubious cicumstances, in  95 96. He was apparently last heard of proclaiming to be Napoleon Bonaparte. He was ex RHA as I remember, MT.
  2. MT was a victim of his own devious nature........he did indeed claim his innocence under sect 8 but it didn't wash.......it's a long, "bound to be censored story" but just remains to be said he was last seen doing a bit of bar-work in Catterick.
  3. nah i heard he was workin in tescos in exeter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or was that ELVIS ????
  4. Is this the same Sigs WO who was fired for making false travel claims?
  5. Not the same fella Gunny. You are thinking of T**y G**nt, fitted up by a clerk and left out to dry.
    I know thousands would disagree, but I thought he was a good guy.
    The fridges were always full when he was RSWO and thats good enough for me ;D
  6. TG, is doing well by all accounts
  7. Last I heard he was doing really, really well with BT.
    Good for him.
  8. The above mentioned bloke was like a cat u could drop im off bt tower and he would land on is feet however he didnt deserve wot he got and was stiched the clerk should of got levelled but he faded away shaggin shiney arse loser any how all the best to T.G  :D
  9. I knew TG well, not MT though!

    Where is that Scotty - surname rhymes with floss nowadays.... remember him at MW in the late 80's..

    Looked a bit like Steptoe!  
  10. On the same subject of disappearing does anyone know where a certain (former pilot) V.A. and his wife Beth are.
    Last  time I saw them was in Soest about 85/86ish.

    I did hear they were running a pub somewhere.
  11. Whatasham, married to an Airtrooper (female).
  12. i met the said scotty *O*S He is a drivin instr in and around andover area he also drives big trucks off an industrial estate hes doin ok and aint lookin back i was moonlitin at the time so i aint gonna say any more  :p
  13. that was about a year or so ago by the way
  14. Soz, thought you's were on about the pilot at Whatasham, Gary R*** (rhymes with floss).  He's from Invernessy.
  15. His wife works in the QM dept 3 huge gravity defying norks........................................allegedly!!!!!!!!!!