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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fatsplasher, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Whilst watching Gloucester v Worcester rugby last night, at half-time some lads from The Rifles where presented to the crowd got the biggest cheer of the night..However the dick with the mic announced they had recently returned from Iraq.The guy who spoke for The Rifles did correct it when he spoke also gave a plug for H4H.
  2. I've read the post 3 times, and fail to see the disrespectful bit?
  3. What a fucking bastard! I demand you tell me where he lives so I can go and rip his disresceptful throat out and piss in the steaming wound for the vile slur! There is no way this was a simple error. Unleash the fucking fury!

    I thought you Gloucester fans would be keeping your head down after the weekend's raping you received from a bunch of ovine botherers.
  4. I had the pleasure of watching the Saints beat them the other week also :)

    It was a great match though, lovely weather too!
  5. I might overlook your blatant royalty walting on this occasion to discuss how well the saints are playing recently.
  6. :D

    They've had a good couple of matches. To little too late for a good place on the table though.
  7. Quote
    To little too late for a good place on the table though.

    About par for the course,not bad for first season back in the top flight.
  8. Thread. Hijacked.

  9. Usually attend Franklins Gdns as I am within staggering distance. Missed the last few games due to work and some ungrateful fatherless who turned 40.

    Never mind, beat the Tink Oirish exiles at the weekend... which was nice to hear whilst I was a shade legless.
  10. I'm starting the 'keep Dean Ryan at Gloucester campaign'* as he gives the fans from all the other clubs such amusement! :D

    *my being a Bath supporter has no bearing, honest.
  11. He was in the year below me at Kings in Gutersloh, our old men were in the RCT together. All I can say is that he's changed!
  12. Lovely.......... was actually hijacked earlier by someone assuming I was a Gloucester fan
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP


    No,wait,RQ's got it on a beer run.

    Stand down lads
  14. That would be me.