Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Azrael, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Ok will not appologise for this post which no doubt some may give me grief for.
    As an ex civilian attached 17/21st BDinstruction demolition team member on certain tank training grounds, a father ex 14th air assault brigade and a mother ex wrac drill sergeant, I feel I have enough military connection to justify my next comment.
    While I fully understand the humour behind the posting of a certain picture, namely page 8 of the section on "comic" photos titled burn the witch, I can see the humour. Surely though the burning of the insignia of people who have done much for those in need when needed and were in the thick of things when some were riding desks is a bit out of order.
    Ok I may be being a bit sensitive but lets face it how many Para broken limbs, burnt squaddies, and generally in need people have they helped. They deserve a bit more respect. This kind of photograph I personally find offensive. As a jock I now understand for the first time the colonials anger at burning of their flag.
    I write this while happily destroying a bottle of good imported rum. This is NOT drink talking. It results from marrying one of this fine regiment who served in conflict and having a friend currently serving in conflict. It serves only to demean an important and valued branch of the services. Lets face it if it had been many other regiments the poster would have needed the servieces of said regiment.
    Come on guys fun yes but show some thought.


  2. An ex civilian? So youre serving now?

    WTF are you talking about??
  3. Yeah... Shut up!
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The pic in question:

    Military connection - just possibly.
    An idea of our sense of humour - four-fifths of feckall.

    That's a damn shame, then there'd be a reason if not an excuse.

    Do you have a Scooby what the initials stand for ?

    No you mong, you're the one who needs to 'show some thought' before posting like an utter cnut.
    You speak as if you have the vaguest idea about us, which you quite obviously do not.
    Now wind your neck in and get a bloody grip.
    Questions ?
  5. As I thought. Ooohhhh you didnt play our game go away. Listen twats Queen Alexandras Royal Army Nursing Corps do sterling work unlike many a desk jockey who ends up here. Give up swinging the fecking light. Rather than get all het up about a civvy giving some grief about a level of disrespect that is crass in the extreme, why not go do the rough spleep thing and help some ex squaddies who are living with dignity and doing their best rather than having a pop at a civvy who is only voicing an opinion.
    After all I taught soem of you tits how to blow shit up rather than your fecking selves. Remember its pull pin and throw grenade.
    Dont go giving all that get some in shit either, time in barracks dont count a lot.
    If you are not the desk jockeys or barracks bums then I will appologise for some of these comments, meantime go support a corps who if you are currently serving you may need.
    Out of curiosity how dare you throw comments like those anyway? A bit of cammo on the neck counts for shit all. Having some R.E.M.E. newbie make like a f*****t with a milan was scary enough. Your comments? Nothing like. Wind it in and realise the standing forces are the main force but there are a damn load of people like me who you relied on heavily.
  6. Ooooo. That Must have stung. If it didnt maybe this taser will.
  7. Whats youre fcuking point, civpop?
  8. what the furks he on about???
  9. Just the fact that if i burned a para badge id expect a good hard kicking. If i did the same with any regiment or corps badge id expect the same. What id say im looking for and not finding is some agreement that the photo was in poor taste.
  10. best you pop off to www.whogivesafuck.com then
  11. Nah i think it was more to do with the rank and the fact that it was the all arms sh@gging corps was just convenient!!!!

    So do one CivDiv!
  12. What a pity Lord Flasheart didnt go with the rest of the 18minuters. In fact come to think of it ive seen a pint last longer than Lord Flasheart. Flying aces? Worried about queens are you. Give it a rest man even drunk now im wittier and funnier and more sensible than you.
    Go play with the penguins on goose green, at least you'll get rid of some Argie crap.
    Either agree that the photo was offensive or give it up and go try and score points where it matters.

  13. 20 minuters actually. You really know how to make friends and influence people dont you.

    So your only point to posting initially was to get people to agree with you. This is not the website you are looking for, this is not the website you are looking for....

    BTW, does Jack Dee or Peter Kay write your material? You're as funny as penile warts you.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Don't flatter yourself.

    Who told you to go away ?
    Not those voices again is it ? Take the pink pills for the voices.

    So not a 'Regiment' after all ?

    Swinging the 'light' ? Get it right.

    Swinging the 'light' are you ?

    If you think that burning a rank slide is 'crass in the extreme' then you'd better not look at any other part of the site.

    If you'd looked around the site prior to gobbing off you might have found something similar.

    I'll make any comment I like, I've earnt the right to do so.

    Yes petal. Hope you feel better for that little outburst of 'light swinging'.
  15. Wowwww burning incisive wit and support for fellow branches of the miiltary services. No wonder the bloody stop the war marches were so well attended. I just hope the next time you need a bum boil lanced or a penile wart removed the Q.A.R.A.N.C. uses the minimum care and attention.
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