Disrespect at Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetary

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. I suspect she'll be getting this soon

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  2. Serves her right... "Whoa whoa I was only..." Nothing. You chose your action now reap the consequence, is called growing up.
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  3. Sadly we have these idiots too, a minute of every year is all we ask and these days there's always some ******** shouting.
  4. I was on a recent ARRSE battlefield tour in France. There was no graffiti, no litter, no problems. I can't recall who said that the French have such severe penalties such things do not happen.

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  5. '....an explosion of fury' is that the septic Outrage Bus?
  6. @CQMS
    right, because everyone *has to* do what you think is right.

    and in general- i pity the idiots who called to fire her.
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  7. I have no sympathy for her dilemma. She may have the technical Constitutional right to make a ******** of herself by disrespecting the Glorious Dead, but that doesn't make it right and she should not be surprised when people call her to account for it. I think she should be fired from her job; so should her buddy who took the picture. At the very least she should have some community service time to fulfill at a Veteran's Hospital.
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  8. Correct. However I don't believe they have the constitutional right to keep their job afterwards. A right just means you're allowed to do something; it doesn't mean there won't be consequences.
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  9. The young woman in question lives about 20 miles south of me in Plymouth, MA. Her parents were on TV last night and both are clearly appalled at what she did. He father kept saying she had done something very very stupid and the mom said she should be fired as it might teach her a lesson about being responsible for your actions. Actually I feel sorry for the parents as the girl lives with them and their phone number and address are listed in the phone book and apparently they have been getting calls from outrage bus passengers.

    The agency she works for is a good one helping the disabled live independently. A friend has a Down's daughter who can hold a job at a day care center and does well there but has problems paying bills and balancing the checkbook. They paired her with retired accountant who helps her on bill payment and balancing her checking account and in exchange she helps him with laundry and some cleaning. From local news stories here the agency L.I.F.E. is really upset at when she did.
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  10. The woman is a dork but Im not sure they can sack her. The Americans will certainly have their day in court and Im sure her attorney will be able to present a compelling previous history of upstanding Citizenship.

    Sometimes I wonder if the " glorious dead" might not see the funny side of this themselves?

    When I get to the final RV I'm going to be pretty p155ed off if I find it's the Daily Mail readers going round claiming they represent me.

    Ding ding.....

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  11. Really is a pity our politicians aren't held to the same high standards. I don't agree with the stupid creature's actions though wasn't she simply exercising her First Amendment right? She didn't break any laws, yet she faces losing her job because the mob are baying on the internet! Shoot! Obama's Pastor said something far worse on National TV - he's since been a guest at the White House!
    The foolish woman's employer may be on thin ice, any attorney with even a rudimentary knowledge of Constitutional law should be able to persuade them to reinstate her and compensate her for lost earnings.
  12. Not sure if the article mentioned this but she was on trip that was a work related and all expenses paid for by her employer. She was on company time when she did this. Her actions have brought a decent agency into disrepute. A lawyer from Massachusetts office of the ACLU was on TV saying she was stupid and that the employer has rights also.
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  13. Of course my dear fellow we have our own outrage bus(ses) complete with Belchfire 8 engines and left hand drive but sadly no double deckers.
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