Disqualifying condition??

Keep this short... got my application going for RMAS and whilst filling in the medical found out an injury I thought was a torn retina had been classified as detached.

Didn't want to just give up and went back to see the surgeon who originally operated on me in 2000. He says the retina was 2% detached and, as it was a result of blunt trauma (I was gouged in a school rugby game), there was a much chance of my retinas detaching again as someone without the injury. After examining me he is perfectly happy to put this in writing.

For those who know much more about these things than I is it as simple as "detached retina = out" or will the AOSB physician study each case by its own merits?

Thanks for the time.
check the thread JSP 346

also check the thread this should have started out in 'all medical matters'

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