Disposing of Laptops.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sir_Burton_Dassett, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. My laptop computer has come to end of it's life and would best be described as rtotally BER! What bits should I remove prior to binning in the Reycle Bin?

    I understand that personal and other data remains in bits of it, despite re-formatting the hard drive.

    Any sensible advice would be gratefully recieved. "Unsensible" advice will only be welcome if funny.

    Think that's an open enough question. Standing-by!
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    take the drive and ram out and smash them up with a lumpy hammer.
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  3. Any data will be on the hard drive(s). You can use the hard drive elsewhere for additional storage if you want.

    If you are paranoid, remove the drive and drill a large hole through the platters.

    If you are very paranoid, remove the backup battery!

  4. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    1. Use MoD technique, and leave laptop on train =|

    2. Seriously, I remove the HD and all chips. Dismantle the HD, hammer the plates out of existence. Same with chips [as they're as cheap as ... anyway].
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  5. Remove the laptop and RAM and destroy with a hammer & chisel and a power drill, then burn them in a metal dustbin.

    Rest of the computer - throw out the window, hammer & chisel, power drill, burn in metal dustbin.

    Recycling is good but with the amount of personal info on a computer there's no point taking chances.
  6. I concurr with destroying the disk or reusing it as a private porn stash, however unless I'm very stupid I fail to see why removing the RAM would improve security, or is modern ram no longer non volatile ?
  7. Take it to PC world and give it to their geeks for disposal, the police will call round for you shortly afterwards.

    or failing that dismantle it with a seven pound sledge.
  8. If the HD is still usable yould put in an expansion slot of your home PC. An Extra 250 to 500GB of easily removable storage is always handy for you porn collection. When I knacked my laptop by spilling a rum and coke over it the only thing salvageable was the hard drive.
  9. Can I have a go now please?

    There is a very simple way of TOTALLY erasing data from any computer. Download "Secure Erase Utility" from this link

    Instructions for using HDDerase.exe
    Copy the downloaded file, HDDerase.exe onto the created floppy/CD-ROM bootable DOS disk. Boot the computer in DOS using the bootable disk. Make sure to set the correct boot priority setting in the system BIOS. Type “hdderase” at system/DOS prompt to run HDDerase.exe. All ATA hard disk drives connected to the main system board will be identified and their information displayed. Make sure that the jumpers on the hard disk drives are correctly configured. Avoid setting the jumpers to CS (cable select) on the hard disk drives. Master or slave jumper setting is preferred.

    The hard-drive is then back to factory settings - ABSOLUTELY BLANK.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    yaeh but wheres the fun in that?
  11. There is no fun, but with the aid of a 12 Euro ATA-SATA/USB adaptor cable one has an external "Back Up" drive.
  12. Friend of mine took his old but large hard drive out and had a computer shop geek type install it in a shell. It became his new portable HD, Only cost him about £15. I on the other hand would take it to the ranges and invite the GPMG to say hello to it, I'm sure the DS would find that amusing!
  13. And the smash it up cos its good fun!
  14. oops typo, delete 'the' insert 'then'
  15. Smashing the RAM is pointless; the memory there is volatile. Smashing the hard disk drive, then leaving it soaking in a bucket of soapy water with a lot of salt dissolved in it is a much better idea; that'll erase it and clobber the drive platters nicely. Take it to meet Mr Lumphammer after a fortnight or so.

    Alternatively, on a UNIX or Lunix system, try the following command:

    cat /dev/zero | gzip -c pr0n.gz

    and keep checking how big the file pr0n.gz is. When it gets to a few megs in size, hit CTRL-C on the commandline of the terminal that was doing that operation. You have now created the Magical Expanding Zip-file.

    How it works is this: /dev/zero just contains zeroes, lots of them; infinitely many, in fact. Zeroes compress rather well, and gzip is rather good at compressing things. A gzipped file of a few megs of this sort of thing will be many hundreds of gigabytes in size uncompressed. So, put this little horror onto the hard disk of the laptop before you take it into PC World (having made sure the disk just has a clean Windows install otherwise) for them to "fix" it.

    When you come back, they will have spotted pr0n.gz and assumed that it is porn. They will have therefore made a copy, and likely managed to partly break several of their own machines trying to unzip this file just to see what is actually on there (for professional purposes, you understand). This sort of trick also breaks anti-virus scanners and the more simple-minded email virus scanners, so *ahem* only a complete barsteward would knowingly send it to such systems...