Disposing of a corpse

Easiest solution is to outsource the task to Diane Abbott. To get where she has in her career equipped with her skill set (or lack of), she must know where loads of bodies are buried.
John Haigh was only caught because the gallstones from one of his victims were found in one of the acid baths.

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Haighs interrogation with the police also ensured his downfall. Instead of denying any involvement with the murder he told the police that he had done away with Mrs Durand-Deacon and that her body would never be found. He mistakenly believed that he could not be convicted of murder if the body was missing (corpus delicti) however the term actually referred to the body of the crime itself not the physical body of the victim.
This prompted the police to search his workshop and it's surrounding grounds finding the gallstones, dentures and a plastic handbag.
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I saw the double decker/double bunked coffin post above. I know that was used by the Mafia in New York City with help from a funeral director who was connected to a crime family. Quite a bit of media coverage at the time.

One method that the mafia used at one point was burial in hazardous waste drums, marked with the UN number and CAS number of very nasty chemicals. They assumed who in hell would dare open a drum filled with dimethyl death.
Problem arose when the EPA decided to investigate a hazardous waste dump in New Jersey for improperly disposed hazmat. They dug and discovered that some drums labeled for dangerous organic mercury compounds actually contained things like the body of Larry "the snake" DiPasquale submerged in used crankcase oil. As Louis (RIP) was far less environmentally hazardous than what the drum was labeled to contain they turned the investigation over to the FBI.
That incident was probably about 35 years ago and stuck in my mind as the owner of the company in question was the father of a boarding school schoolmate. My school had 3 or 4 mafia offspring. Oddly, it seems Mafia bosses want their kids to go to good Catholic schools and grow up to be dentists or doctors living legitimate lives.
I met a chap recently who informed me that the local rozzers would do away with all the hooky weapons that they'd siezed, by taking them to TATA steel in Port Talbot and chucking them into No.4 Blast Furnace.
So, that's a (ridiculously unfeasible) option also.
Still happens in Scunny although they would not be put in at Blast for the record. That's for making Iron. They go in futher down the line at ladle arc with other scrap as part of the steelmake.
So did you go diffy on your CBRN kit when you signed off then?
I'm still in... So if anyone's after any 'training aids' on the back of this thread, give us a shout ;)
Right guys, serious heads on now. I'ver got a package that needs sorting. Any advice greatly appreciated. Freshly delivered and taking up space I don't have to spare.
"Now pay attention 007, this might look like an ordinary cigar tube...."

BTW it's a US book written by a supposed former Navy SEAL.

100 Deadly Skills | The SEAL Operative's Survival Guide
I have that book and the previous one. Seem to be mostly easy ways of getting yourself killed rapidly.

I suppose some of the tips might be useful . . .

. . . but I reckon you would mostly just end up dead. Which I suppose brings us back to the OP.


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Right guys, serious heads on now. I'ver got a package that needs sorting. Any advice greatly appreciated. Freshly delivered and taking up space I don't have to spare.
Leave it by the front gate with a "While You Were Out" card. A pikey will be along shortly.


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Wrap it up in gift paper and tags then leave it in your car in Tottenham it will be gone in a minute !
Bearing in mind as a society we manage to pile through a gazzillion tons of meat every year it shouldn't be too difficult.
The key is patience, large freezers and good butchering skills. And a lump hammer/system to smash bones
Robert 'Willie' Pickton did that and apparently made a couple of dollars out of the end product.


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Get HS2 to build a maintenance depot on the site.

Oh CORPSE. Sorry
You could always butcher it and make a special meat a la League of Gentlemen, then take your caterers van to a refugee camp to hand out free meals on wheels.....
That is an excellent idea until one of them starts screaming "I'm not supposed to eat Long Pig".
As you were.

Remember your training.

1. When the screaming starts, Mr Hammer is what?

a. Your friend.
b. Plantable evidence.
c. Untouchable.

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