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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bond, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. Gents,

    I've heard nothing but good about your issue field pack, and I think it might fit the bill (and not hurt my bank account too badly) if I get one secondhand somewhere.

    I'm looking for one that'll ship to Aus for less than crippling shipping fees, preferably in OD but can deal with/spraypaint DPM.

    Are there any reputable disposals stores online that'll ship out here? Some furious googling has revealed no results.
  2. I will research posting stuff to Oz because im in a nice mood.

    If it's possible, send me money and I will post you one.
  3. Yeah, the issue Bergan is an excellent piece of Kit as far as basic rucksacks go. Bombproof but as its a basic issue it has disadvantages that can be rectified wit a few minor modifications. The Canadians also think its very good and are producing Gucci versions with the corresponding price.


    I read that the Australian pack has had loads of issues about causing bad backs. Any truth in the RumInt?
  4. The Australian pack is a horrible thing, and there are an array of after-market alternates out there, but they all cost in the $420 range (About 200+ quid). None of them has really tickled my fancy, and the cost-conscious choice is between the US ALICE style packs, and British Bergans. The elusive bergan is, however, awfully hard to get hold of down here.

    Hoping a comrade of the mother country can point me somewhere affordable!
  5. PM The big Dizzle above. If you find one online don't FFS buy the WebTex copy.

    British Military Army and Navy Surplus UK 95 Webbing Bergen holdall Not used em but these guys have different grade surplus. You'll probably have to buy thew rocket pouches separately - make sure you get the yoke too.

    Camouflage Bergens

    These guys I have used and were pretty quick, seems they're out of stock but might be worth emailing. They also take Paypal.

    PLCE Webbing, Army Bergan, Army Surplus, DPM Webbing Complete set £100. Can't really whine about that with the strenghth of the AUD against Sterlin.
  6. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Jesus! The price of that Canadian version!! I know that the Canadian dollar means that it's not as much as it first appears, but C$700???? I'd want it to contain anti-gravity and a butler for that money.
  7. I did say with price to match!
  8. I'd just warn that the short back bergen only really works if you're pairing it with PLCE webbing as it sits on top - otherwise the pack stops above the small of your back, and then either rubs fuck out of your back or just puts unnecessary strain on it. Long back on its own, or short back + webbing.
  9. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Once again, horses for courses. I find a shortback fine either with or without webbing.

    Field textiles sell them for £10 used minus side pouches, check them out mate.
  10. I would recommend Field textiles or Endicotts. I bought a grade 2 Long Back from Field Textiles for £15. Endicotts don't have a web shop just an online catalogue but they are very helpful.
  11. Field textiles are all out of stock :(
  12. Field Textiles are notorious for not keeping their website up to date and having stock when showing OOS and vice versa. If you've only checked the website, I'd recommend giving them a call although this may be expensive from Australia.