Disposable Asthma Spacers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by muzungu_marlow, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. throwing this one out to arrse. Im trying to design a flatpack asthma spacer, that can be made from an A3 piece of card. Ive made a basic cuboid with a slot for the inhaler at one end and another for he mouthpiece. Where I'm struggling is trying to make a mouthpiece, similar to a dust mask that can be folded together and my tiny mind is struggling with the angles. Any ideas?
  2. I take it the mouthpiece in a dust-mask style is for a Paed application?

    My eldest, and patients I've treated, now only use the end opening of the Volumatic spacer. So if it was for a neo-nate/v. young child app, do you know the % of uses in this catergory against asthmatic adults/teens?
  3. It's primarily for 5-10 year olds who struggle with the standard inhalers.
  4. Does it have to be disposable, or would collapsible do? The technology that allows roll mats and airbeds to re-assume their shape (plastics with a memory) would presumably work. I'll bet there's something that we all look at regularly which could be adapted - not a 2 litre plastic bottle, or a football, but something like that.