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24,000 rounds of ammunition???? Are they including air rifle pellets?

Given that the Police seem incapable of giving a factual description of anything firearms-related without lapsing into shrieky feminised exaggeration and hyperbole (see .22" SL rifle breathlessly trumpeted as "AK47 assault rifle" a couple of days ago...), I guess we are left to make our own deductions from the charge sheet:

"Appearing at York Crown Court, Crossland admitted six charges of possessing prohibited firearms, two charges of possessing firearms without the relevant certificate, two counts of possessing ammunition without the relevant certificate, and one count of possessing a shotgun without the relevant certificate. "

"Prohibited firearms"
could mean anything from a machinegun to, as seems likely in this case, blank firing guns.

"Two charges of .. firearms without relevant certificate" could be anything Sect 1 including air rifles or air soft guns over the energy limit.

"two counts of possessing ammunition without..etc" could be just two rounds of anything - maybe shotgun carts, perhaps even Brocock rounds. Since its only two counts, then I'm guessing that the other 23,998 rounds of ammunition were indeed non-licensable air gun pellets, air soft beads or similar.
I feel pretty outclassed, I might be lucky to have 3,500. Out done by a Brit, somebody hand me the Mess Webley...
You are outclassed; I have 6000..... legally.
The original pass of the images will have been done by computer against a database of known images indexed by jpeg checksum. It's not 100% as there will be both false positives and negatives.

In digital forensics training, pictures of teddy bears are used.

You'll never speak to me again!
Just gone through the shop stock and realised I own more personally than my business and that owns more than you!
I am a moderate collector by most standards. The real expensive purchases are the optics these days. The good ones always hurt the wallet!


I am a moderate collector by most standards. The real expensive purchases are the optics these days. The good ones always hurt the wallet!
Agree, but good glass on a crap rifle trumps crap glass on a good rifle.
I have a good pile of Leupold, S&B, Zeiss and Swarovski scopes, all low mag variables for woodland or fixed mag for stalking with the off tactical sniping one!
I trawl guns shops for trade ins, second hand and have been known to part ex scopes for rifles. Putting in the legwork pays off!


Why do you need expensive optics? Over what ranges are you shooting?
Quality trumps tat every time, its not just distance but clarity. Seeing more and clearer at earlier and later in the day is a real advantage!


I was always taught spend as much on the glass as you do the rifle! I have put £800 scopes on £75 rifles, these weren't long distance but vari x three 1.25 to 4 x 20. Great for woodland shooting

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