Dispicable attack on disabled ex soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Not really. Note;

    the participants in the mugging.

    General Trend.
  2. Yet another horrific example of the products of the "New Labour-No shame" society we now live in :x :x
  3. "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime". - cue rabid laughter.

    No point catching the filth who did this as they will not receive any punishment worth talking about and the police will have weeks and weeks of ludicrous paper-work to do.

    Thanks Bliar you worthless tw*t for turning this country into a cess-pit. A special thanks also to your boss, G Brown, who ensured that nothing worth having was permitted by refusing to finance it.
  4. Find 'em, put 'em in wheelchairs themselves.

    Harsh but I feel more than adequate and fair.
  5. If you did that the CRE would be all over you like a cheap suit, Red Ken would start crying again, and Jesse Jackson would be in town, all hollerin and shoutin' bout gettin revoloution goin'
  6. There must quite a few ex service folk in Manchester who are capable of taking these barstewards out and giving them a good bit of military punishment when they upset those people who cannot look after themselves folks.Start with ears off.Then break their little hands so that they are unable to use them again, so that they know what it is like to be incapacitated.
  7. Fecking cowards.

    Thoughts with Dennis for a full recovery as quick as possible.
  8. heads up Den, I hope the cowards get whats coming.
  9. :twisted: Catch the lowlifes , if the cops can get anyone to come forward as witnesses, then they should get a small introduction to some crowbars and baseballbats which would leave them in the postion of this poor guy but only who would care about them. I for one would not lose any sleep over them!
  10. The IRA had the answer. Hand of offender on top of gate post, liberal application of ballpein hammer. Job done....
  11. Only in Manchester.
    Gays & Lesbians can mince the streets in gay abandon (geddit) safely, yet woe betide anybody foolish enough to wander alone outside the city centre.
  12. quite, had it been a disabled mincer who was attacked all hell would have broken loose by now in the efforts to find the homophobic culprits
  13. Or, for that matter a nice fella with a funny hat and big bushy beard clutching a copy of the naughty book and wearing sandals, wife in toe dressed like a pill box.

    Funny how the 'community' is keeping quiet. If it the demographic of the situation was the other way around, two whites mug a black geezer in a wheel chair...oh dear
  14. I'm just suprised the BBC has mentioned the ethnicity of the muggers. There seems to be a growing trend not to mention the ethnicity of perpetrators. I wonder why?