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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Anyone else catch the Dispatches programme on Tescao last night? I thought it was bloody scary!Tesco control half of all the business done by all of the major supermarkets in the UK,They are closely connected to El Presidente bLair,& donated £50Mil to New Liebour!
    They have ex-Liebour ministers on the board & bLair is often seen opening stores.The chairman of Tesco as well is ear marked for Gordon Browns right hand man when bLair goes.
    To cap it all,Tesco have links to Off Shore banking in the Cayman Islands,robbing the treasure of £200Mill in taxes so far.


    Every little helps....Liebour!
  2. Right not shopping there anymore, who else?
  3. Oddly enough I haven't been to a Tesco in years, primarily because there isn't one near here but I did have cause to go into one at the weekend. I can't see why people make a fuss about them - it was like a Kwik Save done on the cheap.

    If it's got a Bliar connection I'll make a point of avoiding it. Isn't Margaret Beckett's family a major element in it?
  4. in the naafi in germany -its tesco products,,,,mmmm
  5. Not seen, however if someone who can operate a hugely successful mulit-billion pound company wants to help run the country, then I for one applaud it, irrespective of political affiliation.

    I do have issues with public companies making political donations, but that's a different matter.

  6. :pissedoff: Why god, why?

    I can't shop at Sainsbury because they use the fat-tongued mockney w@nker in their adverts.

    I can't shop in Asda because it's half American and full of unemployed wasters.

    I can't shop at Morrison's because it's sh1te (not unlike Safeway who they bought out).

    And now I can't shop at Tesco because of Bliar! Looks like I'll just have to bankrupt myself at Waitrose from now on.
  7. They only scratched the surface last night. We've known for years about the land bank and its a bit scary when a supermarket can tell you more about the population than the Government can. They didn't cover the wholesale recruitment of Eastern Europeans for the backroom jobs at the big warehouses. I have a chum who drives trucks for them and sees many of these issues. The vermin problems, the truck overloading, the treatment of staff, it will all come out eventually because it makes good reporting. Wait for the secret camera mole type program, there's bound to be one.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I’ve not shopped in Tesco and actively encourage others not to after seeing a documentary about one of their buyers on a trip to an African village to buy mange tout. The village put on an incredible welcome for the guy knowing their very lives depended on his continuing to buy these peas from them. He was an arrogant twat of the first order and if I ever get the chance to meet him I intend to punch his lights out. Anyway after the program ended it was revealed that after all the promises he made Tesco would no longer pay in a certain way, something to do with needing bigger sizes so half their crop would be rejected and a whole bunch of the workers were now paid even less, like they were well paid to begin with. It doesn’t surprise me in the least to know these slippery tossers are in cahoots with labour, w@nkers the lot of them.
  9. Oh what a tangled web we weave...

    When Bliar commissioned a report into cruelty in hunting, it found that hunting was not cruel, but that halal and kosher methods of slaughter were. Bliar said that these practices would be banned too - then quietly did a u-turn. Curious, but no doubt the donors Tesco and Lord Sainsbury would have had something to say, as would Lord Levy, Lord Goldsmith and others. Not to mention one of the major Asian donors in the cash-for-honours scandal, whose business is supplying processed 'food' - to the major supermarkets, of course.
  10. ..or you can search out 'local' supermarkets belonging to smaller chains, who deal with local suppliers. It is possible to shop around and get better deals and better quality.

    The only thing that the supermarkets sell really is convenience.
  11. I think TESCOs are a great british success. They are no better or worse (morally & ethically) than any other superbrand. The BBC (of all people) ran a doc last week about how fair trade was a con anyway!

    They're a huge success, plough millions back into the economy, provide direct employment for 250 000 (and we all know from our 1st form geography that every 1 direct job = 5 indirect jobs).

    So what if they've donated money to Bliar, find me one major corporation that hasn't buttered up a politician or too.

    As for the small shop keepers, sh!t-happens, they need to be innovative, move with the times and find other latteral means to keep going.

    There was an excellent article in the times back in November explaining what a huge white elephant village post offices were, but are kept afloat by government subsidies, of course small shops aren't which is why they go under - sad, but a fact of life.

    The doc has had no effect in the city, my Tesco shares are up 12%, cheers Sir Michael!
  12. I should care but I don't. Blair blah, blah, blah... it all wears me out! The TESCO meat is tough as leather, always very poor quality. The other night Mrs O2 made a nice stew with big chunks of meat and potatoes in thick gravy. The meat was like old chewing gum. I said, 'where the fcuk did you get that meat from'? 'Tesco', she replied.
  13. If they stump up the cash to replace Goodison Park like the CEO keeps promising then I'll shop no where else.

    How would you rather have running the country, a bunch of clueless idiots how can't get a realy job or some poeple who have made a small business in to a market leader?
  14. It's taken about 8 years of blazing rows but I've finally convoinced my missus to NEVER buy meat from the supermarket. If you can't make it to a proper butchers have something else! (Or shoot something for dinner which is what I do...)
  15. What about co-op? There is a small one near me which doesn't have as much choice as larger supermarkets but I don't know if their claims to be ethical are actually true or not - does anyone know?