Dispatches- Selling off Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sazzz, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Anyone watching this? F me...
  2. Started to watch it but switched over as it's b00locks
  3. They've just taken a poll and 31% of the studio audience voted to sell off the armed forces.

    Completely sell off. Not just make cuts.
  4. Well the SPS role could be done by an agency...think Office Angels, and those ***** in the RLC could be replaced by Stobbards, Greggs and Matalan.
  5. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    Col Collins reckoned that Ryanair or Branson could do a better job at a cheaper price than crabair.
  6. Let's hear it for the Leprechaun o' Death! B'jabbers!
  7. The NHS is going to cost about £110bn this year alone, and remains the main reason behind UK's crippling post-war tax take - and yet the audience don't want to touch it.....
  8. The only possibility I can reasonably think of regarding the NHS, would be that those on an extremely high income go without it, but that raises more problems in itself.
  9. Probably Branson could but give me the RAF over Ryanair anytime.
  10. Anybody have any clue what that geezer was jobbing off about ??????? the one that had no mic but was dismissed of his view ????? love to know cant decide if he was pro or anti forces?????????
  11. This country sold out years ago ******* disgrace.
  12. I think he was pro forces as he got irate after the guy said about selling us off
  13. I think he was saying "they bombed you, and they will do it again" when the other guy said we had never been attacked.
  14. Your solution is that a tiny percentage of the population, who more than likely have private cover anyway, go without the NHS?
  15. It was not a solution. I said it was the only way that it could realistically be cut without hurting those who need it most.