Dispatches Polititions for hire now CH4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Another must see TV program, lets see what the lying cnits really said
  2. Semper, why only 3? Where is the rest of the herd?
  3. Cant wait to see tomorrows papers
  4. The BBC have just come out saying they have proof that another 22 of the thieving cnuts have been on free holidays paid for by foreign goverments
  5. Pity they got rid of treason!
  6. The BBC is now reporting that the 3 have been suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party: it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of ....

  7. Where are the ARRSE socialist apologists? Sven/Whet/et al?
  8. I've just listened to the BBC coverage of this and I was struck by the utterly bone questioning. The BBC man seemed to be desperately searching for a benign answer to the same question—"but what exactly have they done wrong?"—of at least three meeja bods including the Mirror editor and a Guardian hack.

    None of the three pundits could seem to fathom why the BBC guy was failing to spot the basic problem with Byers' predicament: if you believe what he said on tape, he was no better than the cash for questions pair that finally nailed Major's government but if you believe his retraction, then he's a liar. Either way, 'Game Over'.

    I now have this delightful mental image of Gordon smashing up No 10 rockstar-stylee. I wonder if we'll be treated to the sight of a telly arcing gracefully into the middle of Downing Street? :D

  9. Hewitt, Byers and Buffhoon.
  10. Allegedly:

    On film one former Labour Minister (currently an MP) unequivocably stated that he had lobbied a minister with the clear implication being that his time and efforts were financially rewarded. He definitely offered to lobby again, was touting for business like a cheap whore (though GBP 3,000-5,000 per day is hardly shabby), and stated that the best time to lobby civil servants was prior to the election (when he would still be an MP) and not after the election. (Source: Clip on BBC website a.m. Mon)

    He is alleged to have withdrawn his statements the day after saying that he did not lobby a Minister on behalf of a punter.

    It is possible that the film was edited to show things in the worst light or to distort matters. An open minded, swift but thorough independent (??? Is this possible?) investigation is the only way to determine whether he has prostituted the "dignity" of Parliament and betrayed the tax payers (Oh and broken a few silly rules and laws as well), or whether he is a self-proclaimed liar who made misrepresentations for the purpose of financial gain.

    The forthcoming explanation as to how the clearly stated words of the former Labour Minister can be so easily misunderstood is eagerly awaited.

    The term "Albian" has nothing to do with Albion, right wing or unsavoury nationalistic tendencies.
  11. I so enjoyed watching this programme....piggies in the trough.

    The elaborate language used in order to hide the "so how much will you pay me to help you get what you want" type mentality. Somehow I think the programme only touched the surface of this problem. I only wish I could be present to see them get their knuckles rapped and their mouths gagged. Wonder how they will fare come election day? I do hope the one who expects to be welcomed into the House of Lords fails to get the invitation. It's all rather depressing and not surprising. Just an average day in politics....and business.
  12. hang em and hang em high!

    Hoon, fcuking LOON more like!
  13. Brilliant bust on C4....can,t wait for the papers and news later....Heads should roll for this....but it,s probably just the tip of the iceburg.
    It just gets better and better!!!! The walls are starting to crash down for good old Gordon the maniac!!!
    I expect he wont be best pleased!!!!YEEEEEHHAAAAAAAA!
  14. Nobody seems to have picked up these are the three biggest Blair supporters (Hoon and Hewitt called for a leadership contest two months ago).

    Is this just an internal "night of the Long Knives" facilitated by C4 for Old Labour.