Dispatches - Murder on Honeymoon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Quoth, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Think the programme did a nice, concise job of showing how and why the little twat 'allegedly' did it. The hiring of a random unlicensed cabbie, when the hotel ran a service. The constant refusals to shag his wife even on the wedding night which may or may not have led to their constant screaming matches. His German and civil servant boyfriends who have gone more or less unchallenged in their claims of him being gay. The cack handed attempt to pay off the cabbie with a plastic bag full of money as you do.
    I hope hes promptly convicted and raped to his heart's desire (as by all accounts he's a fan of gay S&M) and given a good dose of AIDs which he then has the decency to die from before the South Africans try and ship him back here. And thats just for giving work to that **** Clifford.
  2. The whole thing didn't sound right from day one. It didn't quite match up with the modus operandi of hijackers - they're usually all or nothing so for him to get away unscathed didn't stack up.

    The programme raised some valid points and certainly suggests that he has a case to answer.

    And hiring Max Clifford, well, that in itself should be a chargeable offensive.

  3. The man is as guilty as sin, the sooner he faces trial the better.
  4. I'm wondering how quickly we are going to have the next suicide attempt in the wake of the Dispatches programme. I'm sure there will be an attempt to put some sort of spin on it.

  5. Friend of mine who knows Jo'burg well said the moment she head the attack ocurred where it did, alarm bells started ringing. She said that no tourist in their right mind would ever go into those parts of Jo Burg under any circumstances - there is no reason to, and nothing there for them. She said on the evidence grounds that this looks very dodgy indeed.
  6. I thought it all happened in Cape Town, but the same applies there I'm sure
  7. Your friend is talking as much bollocks as you. It was in Cape Town. So she and you are spouting shite. As to tourists visiting townships throughout South Africa it has become something of a thing to do. However, Mamalodies closes at 7pm so why they would have been trying to visit later in the evening, just makes no sense.
  8. It was Cape Town but the sentiment is the same and I think many South Africans thought the same.

    On hearing the news I asked my wife whether she thought he had taken out some chunky insurance policies beforehand.

  9. "Your friend is talking as much bollocks as you. It was in Cape Town"

    Sorry - my confusion - meant Cape Town, got confused when typing. Reread my last but delete Joburg, insert Cape Town.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I have a house in Cape Town and when I go on hols I tend to be tooled up to the extent that would make a texan blush - there is no fecking way I'd head out to Kayaletsha during the day or night - hell anywhere off the N2 when crossing the Cape Flats is well dodgy.
  11. I was at school with Dewani. Few people who were will remember him fondly; he was several years ahead of me and I was near the bottom of the school when he was a prefect. He behaved, essentially, like a bully with official sanction, and was fond of threatening all and sundry if they crossed him.

    Unfortunately for Shrien, it wasn't a real public school and it wasn't the 1930s any more. Prefects didn't have any genuine authority, and the more he threw his weight around the more ridiculous he became. It was not at all unusual to see him screaming his head off at a gang of younger boys until he was red in the face as they stood and laughed uncontrollably. He was deeply obnoxious, but one couldn't help feeling sorry for the poor bastard; he was obviously under a great deal of strain, one presumed from pushy parents.

    I don't think he did it, though.
  12. My best mate went to Bristol Grammar school with Shrien Dewani. He says that even then he was an untrustworthy, lying little c*nt.
  13. Small world this is!

    I was in the year below him at school. Wonder how many more Old Bristolians are on here
  14. The part about him surviving stank to me from the off. If you are going to rob a taxi, kidnap, rape and murder a woman why would you leave her husband alive by the side of the road to PID you?