Dispatches, Monday 7th September - Battle Scarred

A heads up about the above programme. I do hope this is done well, and sensitively.

On: Channel 4 (104)
Date: Monday 7th September 2009 (starting in 5 days)
Time: 20:00 to 21:00 (1 hour long)

Battle Scarred.
As the number of British soldiers returning from Afghanistan in coffins exceeds 200, award-winning filmmaker David Modell examines the devastating trauma suffered by so many surviving soldiers that leaves no visible scars but great psychological injury. Dispatches documents the lives of four soldiers who have been left with serious psychiatric problems as a result of their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. To many here, the conflicts may seem remote, but this film provides an intimate portrait of their devastating impact on the lives of individual soldiers and their families. Examining the consequences of long and repeated tours of duty, the film raises serious questions about the adequacy of existing support structures to help returning soldiers cope with any trauma they may be suffering.
(Editor's Choice, 5 Star)
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Have set Sky+.
Fair does to C4 for highlighting the issue, but I hope it is done sensitively.
Attached to orders today was a notice about this program, stating that after numerouse efforts by the MOD the film-maker and channel4 didnt want any help from the MOD or asked for any of there oppinions, thus making the program slightly biased. Although they were not putting dow the MOD or the Army, they were putting down the system.
Just watching it and I think it has come across pretty well. I ceertainly don't think it has missed much from not having an MOD angle. In many ways it was far better from not having the man from the MOD.

Shocked about the lad, who after having his Snatch Landie blown up,was put on guard 3 hours later with the others from the Snatch,(apart from the one lad who was injured,)and then went on to kill himself.
Anyone who's been in a 'normal' civvie car prang knows how traumatic that is,without an IED going off under you!

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