Dispatches last night - OLD immigrants hate NEW immigrants

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Don't know if anyone else watched Dispatches last night in regards to Immigration - The Inconvenient truth:

    Presenter Ragar Omagh travelled the country speaking to Black, White and Asian people to see how they felt about immigration and a large survey was undertaken to find the general publics views:

    1. Majority of people say reduce or stop immigration now
    2. 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants are just as pissed off saying that they struggle to get jobs because of the east europeans(some job adverts only in Polish - so that English speakers are disadvantaged)
    3. There is a general conception that trouble (riots maybe) will start soon
    4. Wages are been driven down(east euros work for less)
    5. Enoch Powell might have been right in his famous speech.(I'm amazed immigrants actually thought this!)

    There was much more and it was an excellent program and bearing in mind a lot of coloured people took part shows that its not so much race now as economics which is causing the tension.

    It left me thinking that the government needs to take immediate action into carrying out a census to find out who's actually in this country and immigration needs to be drastically reduced to ease the situation.

    My last point is that whether or not the facts were true the general consensus of opinion within the public is that immigration has gone too far now - the government must act!

    ps. I'm not a immigrant -phobe its just that in my opinion there should be sensible limits
  2. Many UK immigrants think only folk from there own place should be allowed to come.
    Many a person from the sub continent where financed by their local tribe/village and part of the 'agreement' was to bring over as many of their own and extended family.
  3. At the moment the UK needs some immigrants. What we are looking at though is uncontrolled immigration and that is probably a bad idea. I think that our welfare state (and many other things) is/are at the heart of the situation we are facing in the UK.

    Then again; everyone living in the UK is descended from immigrants depending upon how far back in history you wish to trace their family. In fact the entire human population outside parts of Africa (roughly Kenya) are descended from immigrant ancestors.

    Is the latest wave of immigration a benefit to the UK economy? Probably, but I bet it isn't as much a benefit as the government is claiming.
  4. The government won't act because the interests of 'the economy' are not the same as the interests of the general population anymore. But the general population can't make whacking big donations to party funds, so feck 'em.
  5. My bolding.

    Have they ever been? Please expand.

    EDIT to add: Perhaps on a new thread as an explanation would probably derail this thread.
  6. The problem is that (as I understand it) the EU means that someone moving from Madrid to London to work is no different than someone moving from Manchester to London.

    If people moved on mass from Manchester to London (just an example) and in doing so lowered the wages of Londoners, would that be the same, as bad or nothing like other Europeans coming in and doing the same?

    I have to declare an interest here, my good lady is Polish and speaks fluent English, works hard, pays her taxes and trains many English people in bookeeping skills etc. She came here for a better life and we have made one together in the same way that many members of my English family moved South in the 1980's when things were not so good up there. In the context of a European Union what is the differance?

    The Poles have got off their ARRSE and done something about it, very few are on benefits - they don't want to be they are hear to make money FFS.
  7. The problem is that the government feathers a lot of immigrant nests, NI numbers NHS, housing benefit etc and all they want in return is a simple little vote. Forget your citizenship classes, the government will spend on teaching immigrants how to vote labour come the election and so long as the scam works Gordy will have his fingers in his ears going 'la-la-la-la-la'.

    It occurs to me that there was a time when the working man always voted labour but not anymore. They are the party for immigrants, chavs and the overly rich, the rest of us can spin and sing for it.
  8. There are some differences. Moving from North to South England would still have some cultural similarities (language, common [recent] history, tax payments/benefits received etc.), while international moves do not have that.
  9. It's the same point; people didn't vote for a European Union, people didn't vote for uncontrolled immigration, they're both things that have been slipped in gradually, led by politicians rather than public demand.

    I think the Poles (and other Easterners) have done us a real favour, by exposing the laziness of over a million people already here who won't travel to find work. I hope this will be a defining issue in the next election.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I don't see what the problem is. If someone is prepared to do your job for half the price you were clearly over paid in the first place. :D

    Of course you could do what I did and realise the UK is a lost cause and get out to somewhere more civilised :twisted:
  11. Are we talking Europe here or Global when you say international? Polish Cultural similarities, they are not much different than us, just had a hard time for the last 100 years.

    How many Poles or other Easties do you think are on benefits? I would love to see some figures.
  12. I'm of the opinion that immigration has now gone too far. My wife is looking for work in the catering industry in NW London at the moment, and has been undermined at all opportunites by immigrant workers. I am working shifts at present, and we do not want to go do the childcare route, so she is looking for a bit of flexibilty.

    However, every job she has gone for, she has been undermined by people willing to do every hour god sends for minimum wage. She did not spend 3 years studying and creating an impressive CV for £5 odd an hour.

    Something needs to be done to slow this down, before the cries of the terminally-lazy ("theres no jobs 'cos those Poles nick 'em all, innit") become the cries of the working class.

    One question, what is it going to do to the economy if everyone starts to accept lower wages because that is all that is left? Surely it can't be good.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Well what did she study? Not being rude but unskilled jobs have never, and will never pay decent wages. Nobody is owed a living you know. If its paid at minimum wage then a monkey could do it so the salary reflects that..

    If you work hard and invest in your education and training you can become a skilled worker and earn a living wage.
  14. 'tis the MENACE of mass migration!

    I appreciate that some migrant workers are needed but for the government to let it get as bad as it is, is feckin ridiculous!

    The government should have the attitude of taking care of their own before worrying about other!
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    But you start from the point that people are owed a living, they're not. If you want a decent job and a good salary then you have to work for it. That may involve getting up in the morning and actually working for a living.