Dispatches: Fighting the Taliban Ch4

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TheLordFlasheart, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. On at the moment. Very good, very well presented. Shows the real side to what the chaps in are doing in Afghanistan and highlights the problems they face. Mostly not from the Taliban but the lack of kit and support.

    The most accurate and poignant comment made by the narrator was as follows;

    "This is the UK's grandiose foreign policy laid bare. Two unarmoured landrovers on a ridge taking fire. If either had been hit, the strategically vital town of Ghamsay(sp?) could have been lost to the Taliban...."

    A bit melodramatic but it will hopefully highlight the issue.

    All in all a very well made production. No wonder the MoD and Govn didn't want it to be shown.

    I would have added this to the thread running in the Int cell but it has wandered off onto Eastenders or some such chadness.
  2. Just finished watching it, superb bit of filming, up close and personal with the Toms, showing the human face of British soldiers. Members of the public should be forced to watch things like this.
  3. just been watching it too... i like that fact that they get the supplys the day they are ment to leave, they then find out that that they are staying untill the next day and leaving at 12... and that all afgan forces and british will pull out, and the area will fall, then they decide that a small number of british troops and afgan police will stay... why cant they make up their mind??
  4. Its quite profound for British TV that he was filming people dying, injured or already dead.

    That Sgt from the PWRR highlighted the problems that squaddies have trying to explain their experiences to people back home.

    Very well made program.
  5. Just watched it myself, good bit of filming! kind of makes me more concerned for mates whom are in Afghanistan at the moment.
  6. Flushy, I agree. It showed the "chaps" on the ground to be cool and calm in any situation, a-la squaddie stylee. "Yeah, we've got one of the Taliban over there, and have treated him, now where's those Pop Tarts?".
  7. Bloody good program - thanks for the reminder 'cos I nearly missed it.

    If I had a hat, I'd take it off to these lads. Much respect.

    Come home safe!
  8. I was impressed at the lack of editing by C4, I wonder what spin the MoD will put on it.
  9. Not a bad piece of reporting.

    Lack of support point well made.

    Well done to the guys out there.
  10. Just finished watching it, to put it mildly I was shocked 8O . WTF is that 'how' it was or is it like that now...My heart went out to the lads couldn't help but feel a bit of comparison to Vietnam era tactics there. Take a village fight for it... then pull out to leave for the enemy to re-occupy!!!!!!
    Shocking lack of support for the troops on the ground.... (When I deployed on GW1, I knew I could call in casevac within 30 min anytime!!! Usually yank support!!!).

    The journo seemed like a top bloke, is he ex mob by any chance? seemed to know what was going on and very cool, well presented..hope you were watching BLIAR/RIED........ :x
  11. anyone who missed it, its repeated on thursday 11th at 11pm.
  12. Just finished watching it myself. Seemed stranged for such a mixed bag of units\individuals to be formed into a mobile force. (or was the main bulk of the unit Inf?)
    Just wondering on the differences from then (11-15 Sept 06) and whats happening now. As all the problems that were shown been addressed.
  13. Good programme. Blokes came across very well. Like Giblets if I had a hat it would be off. Well done fellas, come home safe.
  14. No its not, its the other side, called Meeting the Taliban.
  15. Good programme - repeated on C4 on Thu at 0425 I think. There's a Pt II about the Taliban on Thu.