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Just watched the programme and I'm shocked. What has the army come to? A recruit at Deepcut was made to..........oh god I can't say it............I'm going to faint...........he was made TO IRON AN NCO's KIT!!!!! The training staff are animals, thats the only word I can use to describe them.
Another recruit was made to roll in the mud - scandalous! We all know that the army doesn't operate in mud these days, only sand, and failing that, a nice luxurious, 3" pile axminster carpet in pleasing shades of peach so as not to contravene ATRA's duty of care policy!!.
What a complete and utter load of tripe. Granted, some issues on the programme were shocking i.e gang rape and the "suspicious"shooting incidents but most of the cases on there were the typical "yoof" of today who have no place in society never mind Her Majesty's finest.


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I was disappointed at Gilligan trying to put words into the mouths of his interviewees. I agree with the parents that the army's handling of Deepcut has been grim, and credit to them for getting the independant review started.

Otherwise the program was OK, except for the complete lack of reference to the military way of life. I mean, honestly, ironing kit, rolling in mud, whatever next? :roll:

That predetory homo PTI can go and rot in pieces.
Granted, some issues on the programme were shocking i.e gang rape
Really? I thought they too were alongside ironing NCO's kit. Cant see a problem.

One hopes my purile remarks do not make page two of The Sun again........

But then again, the cash was most enjoyable...
Thank you Flash for providing that delicate and measured response. There is indeed a voice for everyone on arrse.

Being in Oz we do not get to see the program but how is it that Gillian has any credibility as a journalist. Is his past just forgotten?
Gilligan was IMO never comprehensively proven wrong.................Mr B-Liars friend saw to that......and now some time after the inquiry an increasing number of his allegations are looking stronger.
Thanks for that Letterwritingman. Over here the papers reported that Gilligan had exaggerated his claims but that as Kelly was dead there was no way of absolutely proving it. Still the evidence must has seemed strong enough to chastise both Gilligan and the BBC.
Given that Gilligan is known to have an axe to grind with the MOD, I thought the programme was surprisingly even-handed, focusing as it did on only two Army training camps and basically concluding that the problems would have been avoided if ATRA and the Army in general were better funded.

Col Tim came over his usual intelligent, even-handed self (he is good of television, isn't he?), Brig Clive politely told the world to stick it up their arrses and Adam Ingram came across as the weak, stammering, out-of-his-depth w*nker that he is.

I approved of the general message ("Stop telling the Army to do more for less!") even if I thought some of Gilligan's pejorative language, selective questioning and blatant misquoting ("Col Haes has said you put it in the bin" - No, Andrew, you said that. He said they'd put it in the cupboard) was pretty dodgy journalism. Shows why he was on such shaky ground with the Dodgy Dossier, though.


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