Dispatches (Channel 4, 8pm) - Undercover in the Secret State

Undercover in the Secret State

This heartbreaking film is like a bad dream: there's a sense of bleakness and you can't see anything clearly. Its saddest sections are filmed undercover in the closed world of North Korea where we discover, with a lurching stomach, that it's not uncommon to see people lying dead in the street. Reporter Kim Jung Eun tracks down dissidents who have fled the country and builds a picture of the makeshift underground: a big force for change is smuggled videos of foreign soap operas; one man who managed to paste up a defiant poster and film it has become a hunted hero. It becomes unbearably moving to glimpse the plight of a whole nation through snatches of secretly filmed footage, but by the end you feel the very least we can do is watch.


Try and see if you can spot British American Tobacco's secret factory as well! Stupidity aside, I wish I was in UK and could get these programmes. I'll have to ask the Old Man to video it for me.
Suddenly team america dosent seem funny anymore . The fcukwits in charge need to be stopped .
If we try and stop this will it be like another Vietnam or possibly turn out worse???

Stopping tinpot dictators like Sadman Husein is one thing, but has North Korea a stronger army than the Iraqi's?
Saw a bit on Channel 4's news - secret filming of a public execution...a man that was caught smuggling people out to China.
Also had footage of dead body lying in the street, people scrounging in the gutters for things to sell...

A very grim place.


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Again, we can wait for it to collapse in on itself, or jump in... but the Chinese would never let us.

The Chinese are crapping themselves in case the whole place collapses - then not only would they have several million starving refugees for a few years, but shortly afterwards they'd have a democratic neighbour - they don't want that, and the Koreans don't like the Chinese much more than they do the Nips (something about centuries of occupation).

It would be nice to think that this Evil Empire - and this on IS evil - could be brought down by smuggled soap operas, as described in the programme. Pity about all those who will die before it happens though.
The program was indeed disturbing. For those that didn't see it all you have to do is mentally envisage a post nuclear war disaster movie. Not for the devistation, but for the utter desperateness of the N Koreans. Massed crowds stuggling to scavange fetilizer fallen from a train wagon, people not allowed to travel being beaten off trains, and random executions, the dead laying in the street and half the population brainwashed. A damm big problem.

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