Dispatches: Battle Fatigue...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pete20, May 16, 2006.

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  1. Dispatches: Battle Fatigue

    Monday 22nd May, 20:00hrs - Channel 4.

    With thousands of British troops now being sent to Afghanistan, Dispatches investigates whether the British army is losing the battle at home. Andrew Gilligan discovers disturbing new evidence of how wounded Iraq veterans are being abandoned, how army recruitment has collapsed and the lengths to which the Ministry of Defence has gone to prevent the full story emerging. Badly injured Iraq veterans recount shocking stories of neglect and the parents of a soldier killed earlier this year explain how their son’s death has prompted his friends to sign out of the Army. In his first ever interview, the Chairman of the British Armed Forces Federation, tells Gilligan how his new, grass-roots organisation was formed in response to servicemen’s escalating woes.

    Interesting... Discuss! :wink:
  2. Do you have a link to the source of this info?
  3. Interesting.

    Whos that then? Or have I just missed something?
  4. Thanks Pete.

    Speedy, the reference is to the Chairman of the BAFF Steering Group; read the Federation thread in Current Affairs and all will be revealed...
  5. I happened to see the trail for this on Channel 4 last night. The audio description was accompanied by footage of troops in action......unfortunately around 30% of the soldiers featured in this were actually US Army/Marines.
    Why can the media never get the details right? Coming the same week as the erroneous announcement on the BBC concerning the death of 2 soldiers from 2nd Batt 'Royal Anglicans' (FFS! You'd never be able to deploy them in NI) it has reinforced my already solid conviction that with a few honourable exceptions the media have no no idea or worse still no interest in the forces......other than when there is a negative story to tell, obviously.


    By way of introduction i'm a civvy, but, from an army family and more specifically a Tankie one, hence the username.
    I would like to state that i do not presently own, have never owned and have no intention of ever purchasing any 'Airsoft' paraphernalia.

    Now if anyone could point me in the way of '49 Para' HQ i'll be on my way, recruiting Sgt claimed not to have heard of them, honestly......

  6. Can't wait to watch this tonight...
  7. I do get a bit tired of despatches somtimes, they tend to massively exaggerate and make out that the world is alot worse than it is.
  8. And didn't they just
  9. Well quite...