Dispatches: Battle Fatigue, C4, 22nd May, 20:00

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jimbleep, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Apologies if it's already been posted.

    Dispatches: Battle Fatigue
    Monday 22nd May, 20:00hrs (C4)

    With thousands of British troops now being sent to Afghanistan, Dispatches investigates whether the British army is losing the battle at home. Andrew Gilligan discovers disturbing new evidence of how wounded Iraq veterans are being abandoned, how army recruitment has collapsed and the lengths to which the Ministry of Defence has gone to prevent the full story emerging. Badly injured Iraq veterans recount shocking stories of neglect and the parents of a soldier killed earlier this year explain how their son’s death has prompted his friends to sign out of the Army. In his first ever interview, the Chairman of the British Armed Forces Federation, tells Gilligan how his new, grass-roots organisation was formed in response to servicemen’s escalating woes.

  2. ...I suspect some viewers may feel he still has an axe to grind with the MOD re the Hoon/Dr David Kelly affair.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Channel 4 seem to be doing a lot of these Iraq/Armed forces documentaries of late.I can't help wonder if they are just jumping on the 'anti-war'/'troops home' bandwagon or are they genuinly interested in the state of things.One thing's for sure tho,I dont think ther're big fans of our Tony!
  4. Stop wondering.... It's not like they give a feck.

  5. For what it's worth, I think Andrew has taken a responsible line in relation to this. - Although, I may be hanged for that statement tomorrow. We're all aware that the "sexed up" comment cost Andrew his role at the BBC, but prior to that he was regarded as one of the best defence journalists in the organisation. But, I can appreciate your opinion - and let's face it, he wouldn't be the only person with an axe to grind towards members of HMG
  6. I agree with AB2006 - both Andrew Gilligan and the producers of the programme have taken a responsible line. In any case, you can be sure that C4's lawyers will have checked every word before it goes out, and that everything can be verified. It will be interesting to see what MoD's response is: a minister interviewed - usually an aggressive Adam Ingram - or just a statement? My money's on the latter as they don't want to be forced to admit they've got it wrong.
  7. I'm watching it now, what a bunch of bluffing, heartless, lying shysters we work for. Thank feck I've never been hurt on an op.
  8. Can someone please explain something to me....?

    Squaddies injured not getting any physio? I find this very hard to believe.

    I just get the feeling that these unfortunate lads are now being used as pawns in the hope they get a court settlement payout.

  9. Please remember that you just cant be 100% sure of what is being said here is true. I was at Headley Court when the Trevor McDonut team of researchers came around to see what it was like and their final report was biased as hell.

    Lots of selective clips and soundbites dont condemn but it sure does pong a little..... :?
  10. One thing the report has got right is the feeling of being prosecuted. We may as well throw away the Rules of Engagement.

    The more I watch this program the angrier I get. If we cant trust the officers who can we trust?
  11. You obviously don't work in the medical or welfare field. It happened, and is continuing to happen.

    I am certain that you are wrong. In an ideal world, these guys would have been properly looked after, and continue to be looked after in terms of any disability. Unfortunately, we live in New Labour world, in which individuals have to fight for what they need. Recent changes to War Pensions make this type of situation more likely to occur.
  12. Biff, point noted. Thankfully I'm not as wet behind the ears as to believe the press completly. However as you say there is a bit of a funny smell.
  13. Accepted, but it did make me aware of how they arrive to do their research, nice as pie, and then create such a one sided arguement that is purely negative.
  14. I am pleased to agree with you, Frenchperson.
  15. Quote"You obviously don't work in the medical or welfare field. It happened, and is continuing to happen"

    Where is the failure then? The system or the leaders that have a responsibility to look after them? I asked my leaders for treatment and got it immediately. I received EXCELLENT care by Headley Court and witnessed some very sad, but inspiring, sights of individuals trying their best to get fit again.

    It just pisses me off to just see the negative side portrayed all the time. But I suppose that is the nature of the press.