Dispatches: And would the TA look after you if injured?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by monkeydave, May 23, 2006.

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  1. After watching Dispatches: Battle Fatigue on 4 last night,

    I've been pondering on (sorry, getting well worried about) what would happen if you were injured, if for instance, whilst on a weekend away, annual camp, or on a course outside the UK?

    Say you broke a leg or hurt your back and couldn’t work for a few weeks, would the Army make up for lost earnings and look after you?

    What if you could never work again? Would you get a pension or payout?

    If you were deployed in Iraq or somewhere and any of the above happened, or you got wounded, what would happen?

    As someone who is about to go away for 12 months, should i get personal accident and life insurance if the Army will desert you as they seem to be doing?

  2. Not 100% sure on now, but I know for a fact that they never used to. You are 'suposed' to have personal accident cover, like RPAX to cover for any such emergancy. Thing is they never tell you that or offer to pay it or offer to pay you when it is their fault.
  3. Can't say much about injury, but your family is F**cked if you get killed on duty.

    A TA soldier killed on Telic was earning £30k in his civi job, two kids and a wife at home to look after them.
    His widow picks up a total of £4K now in pension payments thanks to the nice little get out the MOD has over pension payments.
    A regular soldiers widow the same rank and capbadge picks up over £15K due to the fact her husband worked as a full time soldier and made regular pension contrabutions.

    One Army? B*ll*cks

    If it wasn't for the TA lads civi firm paying out death in service benefits his Mrs would have lost everything he worked for.
  4. Hi all new to the site and this caught my eye, I'm serving with a REME TA unit, i broke my back in 3 places :( in august last year (while on duty), i was paid till my civvie sick chit ran out (NOV 05), cant help with getting more money as at the min i'm happy with what the Army and more particular my unit have done for me, hope this helps (if only a little bit).


  5. Its something thats never been discussed or thought about. I thought the army look after you full stop and never bothered to ask or thought about it.

    You'd think that the Army/TA would go through something so important like this with you at basic training stage? (Or do they and i've just missed it?)

    Surely they have a duty of care?

  6. I was injured on camp last year and had to have a month of work.
    There is a system in place to make up loss of earnings but you have to make sure you have the correct paper trail.
  7. I thought that the Rgt funds (OCA payments) had a benefit system if you fell on hard times e.g. through injury whilst on duty?
  8. Cant comment on injuries, but I've seen first hand the way TA soldiers get 'dumped' at Chilwell following a deployment/FTRS. The times I've been through the place, there was no interest from the time you stepped off the plane at Brize until you were told you could leave and return home.

    Apart from staff being obnoxious/arrogant/rude it was very much a case of 'thanks - now fcuk off!' even as far as people having to hire their own cars for onward travel as the MT refused point blank to do it. Every time I've been through there, I've ended up paying for my own hire car out of sheer frustration. I also have a close friend who returned from deployment with me who had to get a train with 6 months worth of operational kit AND his comfy box as they wouldnt entertain getting him a vehicle to travel over 200 miles north in, yet gave 2 officers a people carrier to travel just over 50 miles.
  9. MicknDarcy

    You got thanks!!!!

    I'm an officer and didn't get a car on demob as the moment I was demobbed I was back on my units strength and they were responsible. The fact that I was on the Regular Army strength until after my post op leave seemed to elude them.

    This is one of the most important threads ever started on ARRSE, let's not go down the Chillwell slagging road (easy as that would be) rather let us use this thread to build up a body of evidence about whether or not the MOD do look after people they break. It was always my belief that we were not demobbed until we were fit to be so. If this is not the case then we need to know.
  10. Is that true? that is absolutely disgusting. That is probably the worst thing I've read on this site, don't know why but I always assumed the army would look after my family if I was killed on ops (that I'm in the TA wouldn't come into it).
  11. Polar

    I wouldn't have posted it if it wasn't true! Most of what she gets comes from the standard War Pension which to be honest is only a little more than you would get on the dole. Oh and it's taxable to!
    As I said if it wasn't for the lads civi company paying out she'd have lost her house and living on the bread line.
  12. One of the lads from my old battalion lost an eye by an IED, in the sand pit, and and he got a huge pay out.. over £100k from the MOD
  13. From the MOD? or from the PAX insurance he would have been advised to take out at Chilwell?
  14. Think the army will look after you? think everything will be ok? oh the naivity! they don't give a flying f***. there was a scandal recently about TA soldiers having to pay for their own medical treatment after being injured on operational tours (thats operations, as in mobilised, not even training). so what did the MOD have to say?
    "Members of the Territorial Army and Reserves receive the same standards of medical care as the regular army when on mobilised service" sounds reassuring doesn't it? now read it again. what about after they have sent you back to the UK and demobbed you? well, as far as I can see from that point on they really don't seem that bothered what happens to you, after all, you might cost them a few grand when they would rather spend millions on bollocks weapon systems or dodgy helicopter software! DO NOT rely on the army to look after you. RPAX helps but even that isn't enough in my case. I took out 8 units before I went on telic, but that would only last me for about a month of work, and I am self employed so no sick pay for me.

    Even if they did decide to pay you something, looking at how efficient their pay system is by the time you actually got something your house would have been repossesd, your wife sold as a sex slave and the kids to medical science!
  15. The Army site has a big chunk on pensions. For Death in Service the example given is of the survivor getting 60% of the military salary less an age related adjustment. £4k sounds wrong. ( deeply wrong !!)

    What was the get out ?