Dispatches;Afghanistan Mission Impossible.Mon 06th April

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Mon 06th April 2000Hrs.
    Ch4 are quite good at these docus so this should be interesting to hear what our bosses have to say,or spin.
    Opinions chaps?
  2. Are they ****. The last dispatches was a load of bullshit in my opinion. The chap presenting it spent about 10 minutes complaining that Boris, A) Planted to many tree's in london, B) Used his "influence" to help someone get a load of tree's planted outside an office. (taxpayer wasn't going to pay for these tree's i might add)

    What a load of urine
  3. Of course the Mission is Impossible if the Labour Government will not pay the full Wack for the wars they have committed Her Majesty's Armed Forces too.
    The Troops on the ground are Paying the Full Wack in Blood, Broken Bodies and Mental Health.
  4. Turning London into a Grate Forestte of yore would be fantastic. The Queen could live in a treehouse and hunt bankers from horseback, chasing them with a hullabaloo and a tally ho across the City before cornering them in some dark thicket near Paddington and poking them with stiff twigs until they cried.
  5. I've noticed the quality of dispatches has decreased recently, I noticed it with the anti-Boris and anti-Labour editions (the one about how the government wastes our money). It appears the sensationalist daily mail tabloid journalism has permeated the series. It’s not that documentary doesn’t have valid points or a correct baseline argument, it’s just the way they edit everything to fir their “view” (not analysis) of events.

    It’s the Michael Moore effect….
  6. Bring back: 'World in Action'
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    interviewing Col Tootal now
  8. Just implied that senior officers were "diluting" military requests......
  9. Sir Jock Pillock, 'we could not deal with requests' within 24 hours. Or at least not without getting political authority. So if you were there getting your arrse kicked. Tough.
  10. Would Sir Jock fly an aircraft he thought unsafe?

    If he wouldn't then why should he expect tps to go out in vehicles they consider unsafe?
  11. Dannat just said they didn't forsee that the Vector was not going to be suitable for Afghanistan!! Well everyone else did...

    They are not pressing home te questions, why don't they challenge many of this lies er sorry resposes????

  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I see even the US commander was suprised that we were using snatch landies.
  13. I think what he wanted to say was that he thought we were ****ing insane to even get in one in Afghanistan never mind go on a patrol in one
  14. Christ, I wouldn't believe CDS if he told me that night followed day!
    Could he seem anymore untrustworthy?
  15. I thought the programme was generally good, and shows everyone what an arrogant tw*t Sir Jock Strap is.

    And where did all this "we are in Helmand to fight for the security of UK interests" come from. Some one needs to tell us, as I was on OPTAG literally 2 weeks ago and still got told its to "to provide security for Afghanistan, to allow reconstruction". Oh, and we are not allow to call them Talban anymore.

    And another thing,

    I suggest Sir Jock Strap pulls out his Afghan TAMS and looks in the pronounciation section, for the town of Musa Qa'leh. F**king tw*t!!!!

    I'm sure a Moussaka ah La, is a Greek dish :D