Dispatches: Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines 1 Feb 2000hrs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Temple, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Apologies if this has been highlighted before but I've just seen from radio times that the following programme is on Ch 4 shortly; it may be of interest -
    Dispatches: Afghanistan: Behind Enemy LinesMonday 01 February
    8:00pm - 9:00pm
    Channel 4
    Award-winning reporter Najibullah Quraishi spends time with an army of extreme Islamic combatants in northern Afghanistan. During a period of almost two weeks, Quaraishi watches the group, which includes Chechens, Arabs and other foreign fighters, as they relax, train and plan attacks, and accompanies them on an operation targeting the Afghan army.
    VIDEO Plus+: 4536
  2. obviously the camera crew have been allocated to follow the TA Taliban -
  3. I am waiting for one to stand on a rake whilst the other one smacks his mate around the head with a ladder.
  4. trouble is once they work out which detonator goes where........................
  5. utter cnuts. Couldn't give a toss about the women and children who could have been caught up in the cross fire. Glad to see they failed. Trouble is this could be seen as skewed reporting as it shows (at the moment) a very disorganised and underequiped force. It seems to humanise them slightly though, as they winge as good as a squaddie can :)
  7. I think you may find they are technically human, also they do actually seem to give a toss about th woman and children and are moving them out of the way of the incident
  8. Agreed. Just because they are ruthless against ISAF forces doesn't mean to say they are ruthless against everyone. Some will be, some won't. Same as the British Army I suppose.
  9. Loved the face slap for getting the verse of the Koran wrong, that's how you teach NIG's.
  10. "Ok lads, I'm only going to show you this once..."
  11. Interesting the way that having failed his Ambush Commander appointment the group leader compensated by filing a duff POR with his CO, ie.

    "When the IED failed to initiate we doubled forward (as taught) and engaged the American tank with an RPG killing 4 or 5 of the Infidels, All praise be to God."

    Not only that but the CO took him at his word, wishful thinking seems to play a fairly large part in the Taliban mindset.
  12. Interesting that Muj and Taliban are joining forces in the North, presumably, the motivation to drive out the infidel non-believer is acting as common cause and is bringing the groups together.

    Hard to see how they are going to be bought off, the group stated clearly that weapons will not be dropped until the non-believers leave their soil.

    Another long hard summer in the offing...

    Or maybe they will sign up to the constitution, take the money and THEN carry on killing
  13. Yep there were a lot of little interesting scenes, both funny and chilling. The FoM of the insurgents was a bit depressing and the bit at the end when he spoke to the ANP who said there was no problem was also worrying. I think the insurgent resurgence in the north has been reported on before but it was interesting to see it in action, nothwithstanding the Capt Mainwaring and Cpl Jones moments. The reporter also showed some real nerve.
  14. I enjoyed the ' you're the instructor the bomb doesn't work sketch'

    Look I'll show you....I press D, and nothing happens........CUE: explosion in background.

    Whilst it was mildly amusing 2 thoughts struck me. First: these are still bloody dangerous guys, how many attacks fail for every success they get?
    Secondly: If they were a bit better organised and disciplined how would that attack to success ratio change, i.e. how much more dangerous would they be?
  15. have to agree it was just a little bit funny in a sick and sad kind of way...

    But they only have to be lucky once et al.