Dispatchers - How the MOD waste our money

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by blobmeister, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Watching it right now. So far Jock Stirrup has been bad-mouthed about being flown from London to Chatham for armed forces day (at a time when whirly birds were in very short supply in helmand). That was part one. Now part two on equipment...
  2. Gripping my shite, already!
  3. Not able to see the programme, but its attacking CDS for daring to use a helicopter to get to an official engagement? Lets get this straight, most seniors use Gazelles or similar aircraft for VIP transport. These helos are not and never have been used in Afghanistan or Iraq to my knowledge.

    In what possible way is he denying troops helos by using something that they never have and never will use in HERRICK?

    This 'nasty officers who dare to use helicopters' bandwagon is very tiresome.
  4. I think it was trying to point out the 'nasty officers who don't dare use other less expensive forms of transport' but I see your point, it does paint an interesting if not widely known/assumed view of how utterly shite things are 'at the office' and up in the rafters with the headshed, I found the point ref the number of senior British officers compared to the same tally of USMC headshed quite bewildering.
  5. mattyw

    mattyw Old-Salt Reviewer

    Asking colt if they could of supplyed the british army with weapons. Yes the could of but there is lots of hidden cost like trainning.
    This is realy getting anoying know.
  6. Interesting, most of it seems to be things alot of use will already know, but it's good that these problems are being made public, or bought to the attention of the public.
  7. The Public won't feel so bad about MOD cuts having seen this... the timing is quite superb... no coincidence i'm sure.
  8. Maybe those heli pilots could be trained to fly Apache and serve in Afgan instead of acting as a flying taxi.

    1st class rail and a staff car x pounds.

    a heli to the doorstep mand a staff car xxxxxxxxxxxxxx pounds.

    better for a civis view of the Army...

    hmm I think the second option
  9. I have been in the AAC for 18yrs, If you ask every bloke what helicopter they want.....BLACKHAWK. Future Lynx never featured in minds, especially now as it is being chopped from the original promised suite, with capability reduced.
  10. If anybody missed it, it is starting again now on Channel 4 + 1. An excellent programme in my humble opinion - not to be missed!

    If you miss it, try Channel 4 dot com for the iPlayer thingy (check here).

  11. Seems we were forced into Future Lynx because the RAF wanted to fly Blackhawk...
  12. The whole programme was half baked. I was annoyed by one of his closing comments that 3 rifles, who suffered 1 in 10 casualties in Afghanistan over 6 months is on a par with WWI!! I seem to remember 18 DLI losing over half their contingent in one week during the Battle of the Somme. Lazy journalism.
  13. Just seen a preview for next weeks panorama. "can the army police itself any longer" said over a reconstruction of a squaddie clubbing a prisoner.

    Open season on the army is it then?
  14. It was regarding Gen 'D' comment, that we in the circle, wanted it...nil pois!