Dispatch riders - What cap badge?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by currymunter, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. My late father had a pal who was a bit of a rogue during the Second World War and always had a tale of wheeling and dealing in post war Germany.

    Initially, he was a gunner but ended up as a dispatch rider. Anyone know what cap badge these folk wore? RASC, R Sigs, RE?
  2. Mostly R Sigs.
  3. I thought they were mostly from RASC.
  4. Sixty

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    RASC or RE.
  5. Not in WW2. Wiki (link) says RE Signal Service in WW1, but Royal Signals in WW2. That said I'd guess that units provided their own DRs, with Royal Signals serving Bde HQs and higher formations.

  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    My father was a despatch rider and was RCT but this was in the sixties. He says (and I've just phoned him) that they were RASC previously.

    He could be talking nonsense but I'd doubt it.
  7. My understanding is, that only Royal Signals had Dispatch-Riders as a job.

    Other arms like RA RMP and RASC had Motor-Cyclists as a trade, for example, the RASC ones were used for convoy control and RMP motor-cyclists were used in Movement Control.

    I've not heard of RA, RMP, RASC motor-cyclists officially referred to as Dispatch Riders but I'm happy to be corrected on that.
  8. I think its probably a case of many soldiers were given a motorbike to carry out their duties, but not all would necessarily be R Signals dispatch riders.

    From my previous linky

    Our thinking was that as we had motor bikes we would join the Royal Signals as despatch riders which we did.

    This was 1939.

    I know younguns joining RCT always passed a bike test before going straight to HGV III
  9. Rsigs until 82 then transfered to RE(postal) then RLC would have been known ss RRC (rapid response courier) would have either been a bike or 2 man in and rover
  10. DR was a Royal Signals trade when I joined in '56, although I do remember the RMP with bikes as well.

    They appeared to be a law unto themselves, wearing leather jerkins, lace up riding boots, crash helmets and generally covered in shoite, with the odd beer bottle generally in evidence. For some reason, this appealed to me and I aspired to join their ranks. The PSO had other ideas alas and promptly fecked me off at the high port.
  11. Shame, sounds rather stylish, definitely the sort of job where one could develop a piratical attitude. ARRRR! (I've been sniffing around 'Ural' 'sidecar' motorbikes lately, and little imagination is needed to see oneself 'urtling hither and yon as one pleases)
  12. My Dad was a scaley dispatch rider. It sounded like a fantastic job to me when I was young. So much so that I transfered to the signals to be one, only to find that the job had been moved to the engineer's postal and courier folks. I transfered in 1981. Arte et Marte---> Certa Cito.

    edit to add: My Dad would have been serving in the 19 fifties.
  13. ISTR an illustration from some Vanguard/Osprey type publication which featured a Tcherman WW2 DR dismounted, covered with countryside and lighting a smoke after having done some job. Apparently they issued a special weatherproof suit to their DR's which was cut for fit and function when in the saddle, but not elegance when standing...this bloke looked about six months pregnant!

    Somehow ally, yet un-ally simultaneously...