Disowning/Disconnecting from family?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by London_native, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello all, im thinking of not speaking to my family anymore at least for a couple of years. They are trying to keep me down and for the last two years rubbishing my choice of enlisting. It really is unbearable as everytime i see them they come up with sly remarks about the Army and how i will be a murderer and hired killer. I have worked my ass off to get fit and after 2 rejected appeals was finally accepted the third in june 10, and for me shows me how much i want this and its my vocation. They wont accept this has made me a better person after previously having no goals or ambition, and i will never give it up and say i should only work for money not a fantastic lifestyle. Recently i have been ignoring phone calls from them because im focusing on positive goals and choices not negative. But they keep coming around banging on my windows and even once went into my back garden looking through my windows. For me this is unacceptable intrusive behaviour into my personal space, have any of you had any succeses disconnecting from family members?
  2. your mates/buddies/prat's/dick-heads and pal's are YOUR FAMILY NOW
  3. Prove 'em wrong-take a machete to the lot of 'em.
  4. Thanks, im looking forward to meeting the BEST people i ever will.
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    And some of the WORST - believe me!!!! :)
  6. London Native sorry to see that you have a bit of dramas on the Home Front. Follow your heart & trust me you will have a new family & adopted parents very quickly. Be the best person you can be, you will be amazed at the new mates you will get. Invites to go home with them and your mates mom doing your doby, giving a you nice family centered weekend & cooking you a decent Sunday Meal before you head back to the Barrack. The very best of luck in your Service Career son.
  7. Providing of course he copes with six weeks beasting of the highest calibre, where he will be told he is the shit on the rat on the heel of his room lance jack ---where his brand new fusion razor, will be crushed under the nazi boot of oppression for being covered in fester and grot .

    Sounds like he has been listening to too many paul mckenna cd's to me --but im a cynical old cnut .

    A man who turns his back on his family aint no friend of mine sang springsteen once ---or was it ken dodd ? ah what the hell .

    Killaloe holiday probably beasts like a bastard and wants new meat to torture
  8. It sounds to me like you have a family that has done nothing, been nowhere and possibly read the Guardian\Mirror. You are in for the best time of your life. You will travel and do things they and your civvy 'mates' will only dream of. It's a great ride.
  9. I suggest you take a leaf out of Micheal Ryans book and shoot your mother and neighbours. Take out primary 5 and become a wanted man. shoot a nun and rape a downs child. They'll keep their distance then. good luck fella.
  10. even a foul seedy rant gets ruined with political correctness ---mongol was good enough for my father and its good enough for me . wonder what ryans bft time was chunky fecker
  11. Not a Beast Master but I ensure that they are the right calibre join up and make nil apologies for ensuring that anybody infront of my desk is given Honest advice.
  12. Yes, I have disowned part of my family and am fine with it. I was tired of living a Jerry Springer life in which no amount of action or different discussions would correct the drama. When it started affecting my immediate family, I knew it was time to sever any communication and ties.
  13. Sounds like his own family are already preparing him for that treatment.

    London-native - bear with it, keeping in the forefront of your mind that you'll soon be where they can't contact you unless you want them to. As has been said, you'll soon be adopted by your new family and even if you don't get invites, you will be in a position to take yourself off on weekends/leave and do what you want, the world will be your oyster.

    If you really can't stand it before you start phase 1, find yourself some new short-term digs miles from where you are now and avoid your old haunts.
  14. Sounds pretty rough fella. The army isn't full of angels but it's people like us who have fought for your family's right to freedom of speech. Seems a shame that they hate us for it but that's the beauty of democracy. You have a number of choices - you can either make a full career in the mob or, if you choose to, you can use it as a stepping stone to self-confidence and a place a bit more pleasant than where you are now.
  15. And after basic training, banging your mates mum, drinking the house dry, triple crowning the spare bed and waking up in the dogs basket. Heaven.

    Good luck though its a great life